September 10, 2017

How to" forward non-www to www.domain" Godaddy Blogspot


Here is a detailed guide on how to forward the naked domain non-www to a www.domain in Blogspot via GoDaddy. You can use this method in order to set up a redirect from which is domain root to GoDaddy's forwarding domain forwarding service and you can use this methods free of cost.

Steps to forward non-www to www.domain Godaddy Blogspot

Login to GoDaddy Account

How to forward non-www to www.domain Godaddy Blogspot

Select your domain

Click on Manage Connections

domain settings manage connections

Click on Forwarding

domain forward to www.domain godaddy

Under Domain, add www.yourdomain

Add 301 (Permanent) redirect

How to forward non-www to www.domain Godaddy Blogspot
Save Changes

Wait for 24-72 hours and check your domain status.

You cannot redirect to because Blogspot provides www as Cname, the naked domain with http:// will not redirect to http://www. For that you may need another hosting provide that provide A record "@" than cname. Some people use cloudflare for this.

You can only redirect to using this method.

If you are getting "Your Domains Must Be In An Eligible Status" error, check out How to Fix GoDaddy Domain Forwarding Error and check here To Fix The Domain Is No Longer Parked By Godaddy Error.

Call Support: GoDaddy Tech Team is not available via chat, so you can call Tech Support Department 24/7 at 040-67607600(Toll free: 1800-121-0111) to be further assisted with the issue.

How to Setup Domain Forwarding in GoDaddy

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