September 4, 2018

SEO Improvements: Powerful Secrets


Are you searching for Amazing SEO Improvements- Improve Google Ranking, increase seo ranking free, how to improve seo wordpress and how to improve seo. How to Improve Google ranking of your site is a very much discussed topic in SEO world.

Everyone want their site to rank high. Improving your google rankings is not an easy task even after doing SEO. Google has certain algorithms that takes more than a hundred ranking signals into account to  rank a website in search results. Rankings of sites can be improved by these 5 amazing ways that no one talks about.

How Does Search Engines Work

Everybody is familiar with Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. So how they are working? How are they fetching so much information from millions of sites for you. Well, let me to list some of the basic activities of Search engines which they perform in order to deliver such search results. To know more about SEO, read my post "seo/ what is that? techniques to increase traffic by cache".


Crawling is the process of fetching all the web pages according to their titles, description tags and other internal and external links which are linked to a certain web site. This task is performed by automatic software, called a crawler or a spider.In the case with Google, it is Google-bot. On search query, most of the time they crawl good meta descriptions.


The process of creating index for all the fetched web pages. The search engines sort into a massive database from where it can later be retrieved. In this process search engines identifies the searched words which are keywords and store them to memory. Is it fine to make title according to Google's algorithm.

You can use "seo do's and don't s" as a title because do's and don'ts comes in google algorithm.But do not use "seo do and do not" because do and do not, doesn't comes in Google algorithm.
  • Make effective use of robots.txt

  • A site map will do good for your site.

  • Be aware of rel="nofollow" for links


The search engine processes the search string in the search request with the indexed pages in the database.
  • Offer quality content and optimize it

    • Write better anchor text
    • Optimize images

Relevancy of the website

The search engine starts calculates the relevancy of each of the web pages in the index to the search string or keywords. That is why page rank is so important. Linking, site architecture, keyword densities also have an important role.
  1. Make your site easier to navigate
  2. Use heading tags appropriately
  3. Improve the structure of your URLs

Retrieving Results 

Then the search engines' retrieves the best matched results from the index.If there are no meta tags, then the text around the term within the body of the content will be displayed in the snippet.

Sources which Google extract the snippets:
1) Open Directory Project
2) Site Content
3) Meta tags

What is SEO - Something that nobody explains well

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing your websites or blog's visibility and ranking in search engines like Google, yahoo and others.

On page optimization means that optimizing internal aspects of a site.Off page optimization means that optimizing external aspects of a site.

What is On-page SEO optimization? On page optimization means that optimizing internal aspects of a site. Here are are a list of such features.

Name of Home Page counts: The home page should have a title that is listed upfront like ONE TOUCH. It will increase branding of your site. You can use the keyword phrase but do not stuff it with keywords.

Page size: Keep the page size limited to 150 kilobytes and concise. It is better to discuss one topic per page while can give links to additional pages for related content.

Number of Links: Keep the number of links on a page to a 100. There are no strict rules for that but it is counted.

Title tag: Do not stuff so much of keywords in the Page titles. The standard number of a page title is 70 characters. Use a keyword rich sentence that defines your content and each page should only target one keyword or keyword phrase. Try to give self-explainable titles which will attract more visitors. The relevancies of the keywords are considered in a title from left to right.

Add the following code before < b:skin >< ![CDATA [/* tag. This will optimize the titles of your page titles.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'> <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> ~ <data:blog.title/></title> </b:if>

Search Description: You can see a search description box in the right corner of a new post page of blogger. In it you could add the description of your page. This should be limited to 155 characters. Add unique and interesting description to showcase your page which helps bots to fetch content for search results so stuffing with keywords won't be good.

Meta tags: Meta tags are the most important part of SEO. One should always use appropriate Meta tags for the website as it help in better ranking of site and higher click through rates as well. Avoid stuffing keywords in Meta tags and alt tags.

Some good Meta tags are,

<meta name="description" content=" Add description here"/> <meta content=' Add title of the website here' name='title'/> <!-- MICROFORMATS FOR Twitter --> <meta name="twitter:description" content="Add content here"/> <meta name="twitter:title" content=" Add title of the website here " > <meta name="twitter:site" content="@ Add username here " > <meta name="twitter:url" content=” Add URL here like”/> <meta name="bitly-verification" content=" Add bitly id here "/> <!-- MICROFORMATS FOR FB --> <meta property="fb:page_id" content=" Add fb id here " /> <meta property="fb:app_id" content=" Add app id here "/> <meta property="fb:admins" content="Add page URL here " /> <!-- MICROFORMATS FOR GPLUS --> <link href=" Add id here " rel="publisher" />

Link structure: Link structure of a website is a very crucial consideration. High quality interlinks result in more search engine friendly approach. It reflects the page depth (the number of required clicks to get a page from the homepage). Pages available in one click are preferred over those which require lot of clicks to get onto it.

Content analysis: Content analysis is as important as other aspects of SEO. Website must contain genuine, unique and impressive content. Good quality content which is easy to understand is preferred.

Page Headers: Page headers are used to segment parts on a page. We can use H1 header tags or H2 headers to segment the content and we can add any keyword phrase which is going to be focused in the following paragraph.

Off page optimization

Off page optimization means that optimizing external aspects of a site. Here are are a list of such features.

Link building: The links are said to be the measure of power of internet. One should always strive for getting more and more links to their site especially from those who are from the same industry. It helps you to make reputation of your website and get more traffic as well.

Anchor text: These are words which makes reference links from one page to other pages or sites. Usually anchor texts are “click here, check out this, keywords etc.” Targeted keywords are also used as anchor text to increase the ranking.

Keyword research: When users search any keyword using a search engine then it displays thousands of results found in its database. Keyword research can make your traffic go high as a rocket.

Page ranking: Page ranking help user to get quality and most related content of what he has been looking for.

Allow guest posting: Most of the traffic websites gets are from guest posting. Try to get some contacts and maintain such relationships. Ask them to write a guest post in your blog and in return give them something worth.

Give a back link from the post and mention the author's name at the bottom of the article and link back to your site. Ask other bloggers where you can write a post in their site.

SEO Improvements: Powerful Secrets

1. Refurbish Low Quality Posts

You may have a thousand posts in your website or blog, but I am sure that only a handful posts gives you traffic. Most of the posts will not even be ranked in Google search results. It is wise to go back and check these posts and add more quality content, create back links and republish. Or you can refurbish the posts with new content and this will improve your site's rankings in Google.

Pack Your Site Tight

Google expects your site to be tightly packed with expert content on the niche or topic that your site is related. If you have low quality content in your posts, that will generate bad quality signals for your site and reduce search rankings.

These are done using specific keywords related to the topic. Use Google Instant search to find out the keywords and the bold words displayed in Search results. Adding them to the post will improve rankings.

Change Old post titles

Maybe some of your posts are having good content but have a low quality post title. Change the post titles and wait for the magic to happen. You can increase social shares more than 25% Free Headline Analyzer Tools.

5 Amazing SEO Tricks - Improve Google Ranking

2. Focus on Content And Engagement - one of the 5 Amazing SEO Tricks - Improve Google Ranking

The 2 magic words of getting high rankings are relevancy and originality. The content that you generate should be relevant for the target audience. You may have expertise in something but if no wants to read about it, your sites rankings is going to fell apart. Go to Ad words keyword tool and find out what people are searching for. Make content related to those keywords.

Search for problems that users are having and find out answers. You can only succeed in improving rankings by solving problems of people. High paying keywords can bring more value to the posts and overall increase the content value.

3. Improve SEO Using Social Media Out Bound Links

You may started your site as a hobby. But in order to boost your back links, improve search rankings, you need think of your site as a product. A well packed bag of original and relevant digital information under one domain. Try experimenting on different things to improve rankings. Changing the web hosting server to US, Cananda can improve rankings.

The best SEO techniques are often debated across the industry, and it’s because the world’s most influential search engine, Google, continues to tighten up the way they produce their search results. As they become more stringent in how they monitor and decide on quality content, the best SEO techniques evolve to match Google’s updated system.

Despite this, people claim that there are some tried and true methods  that continue to work no matter the changes made. Here are some of the so called best methods you can apply to your business before contacting an SEO specialist company, like Optimizing, who can then maintain your website to the best SEO standards through any possible industry changes.


Just like body builders bulk to accumulate mass, bulking your website makes it a stronger competitor in search engine results because it makes you appear more legitimate than the rest. You can add multimedia components to your website, such as videos, links and screenshots, making your website a more attractive option and one that can be found quite easily through a simple key word search.

 In addition to multimedia material, providing quality, longer more detailed content can help; in addition to continually updated posts, particularly including key words in your properly titled headings.

But what happens is that as you bulk your site more, your SERP rank will increase without a regularity and finally uncontrollably. The bots will find this site and block it from search engines. So be alert when you are doing this

Link Building

Typically, this is frowned upon, but it can actually do you some good rather than the harm it’s rumoured to do. Linking properly in meta tags can easily improve your linking systems so potential clients can connect with you easier than ever.

In some studies done on SEO techniques, having extra outbound links can improve your presence, much more than having none appear at all. Approaching quality blogs to link back to your website can help increase your presence online, but it can be tricky if the blog is not well recognized and does not produce legitimate content. So do not attempt this unless you are confident to try it.


Investing in engaging with your clients on Facebook can be a wise investment as it provides natural links back to your company website and Facebook profiles rank well on Google. If your clients and customers warm to your Facebook profile and engage in any enticing offers, they are engaging with your brand making them feel more comfortable with your but also improving your legitimacy in search engine results as well.

So be careful before doing any of the false methods...

4. Experiment

Run few experiments in your site and check the results. I will list a few here.
  1. Run a subscribe campaign
  2. Add a rich card to your post
  3. Do a small give away campaign
  4. Changes titles
  5. Add sub headings
  6. Add more images and videos
  7. Check Analytics to see your website is doing in Google.
  8. Write a post on how you ended up being a blogger
  9. Search Quora and answer few questions that is related to your content.
  10. Throw some high paying keywords to your post.
  11. Remove nbsp codes from your HTML in blogspot.

5. Do SEO Audit

There are many free SEO audit tools that will help you to generate SEO audit of your site. Free Google Analytics Intelligence Beta Insights can help you to start the analysis and trend of visitors of the website. 

Run few experiments analytics

From that you understand the SEO gaps in your site and try to correct it. You can correct it by your own or post a job in freelancing sites. Use SEMrush to do an SEO Audit and inf out how to improve rankings. Activate SEMrush free trial.

6. Keyword Research

I am pretty sure that you have gone to many "guide sites" and read a lot about increasing sessions in blogger. Mostly all their content remains the same.

Their killer strategies would be like get a responsive design website, get original good quality content, get as many back links, get higher page speed etc. Does these strategies matter? Yes, it does.

Good keywords determine how your website is viewed and come up in search results of Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Bots pick up keywords from users as they type in the search bar and you can see some of the auto suggestions are coming up in the bar. 

So selection of keywords is important in Search engine optimization. Usually this is a well discussed topic and so that i am giving you some simple but effective sites to get good keywords.

Getting good keywords for website and domain are not easy as it looks. You can add so many keywords in the meta tag but sometimes Google will consider it as keyword stuffing. So it is kind of important to get popular and suitable keywords for websites and blogs. So here i am giving some best website that can generate awesome keywords which will be suitable for your niche.

The first on is always the best and it comes from the BIG BOSS: Google.

1. Use AdWord Keyword Planner to Write Blog Post Titles. 

This tool cover up most of the keywords users type into the It lists keywords in different categories like searched in a month, number of global searches etc. So use it see all the keywords for your niche.

AdWord provides a free Keyword Planner to find keywords for putting ads. You can write a title of the post first and go to the site. Type the title in the keyword box and click on get ideas. A list of specific keywords will generate related to the typed title.

The generated keywords are user typed keywords in Google. Check keyword ideas and Ad group ideas and select keywords that have low competition and high average monthly searches. This will surely generate more site traffic than ever.

2. Get popular keywords from search results of Google. This is a Windows software and can be used as a trial version for 30 days. So use it and if you like it, then buy it. As the name suggest it gives good keyword suggestions.

2. Generate Free Site Report using Think With Google

Think with Google is a new service by Google to check the mobile friendliness of a site. has 96 out of 100 in mobile friendliness, 88 in mobile speed and 89 in desktop speed. Check your site and generate site report and find out gaps. To generate more traffic to site, mobile friendliness is a must.

How to Boost Website Traffic By 55% by Online Tools
Think with Google Report

3. Reduce Promotions/Ads to Improve Google Ranking

There are many sites that are stuffed with promotions, large banner ads, survey below posts, chat box in sidebar, pop up boxes for fb likes etc.

 Imagine difficulties of a user to read the content in the site.
  • First user has to wait for the website to load
  • Then click on the "close" button in pop up ad / subscription box
  • Then scroll down to see the post title as the banner ad is covering the content
  • Adjust scrolling to get the sharing buttons out of the content.
  • While reading the text, a chat box will appear, then that has to be closed
  • End of the content, a survey box will appear.
  • End of post, author will ask to subscribe or comment.
It is better to keep minimal ads and promotions and keep all other excessive promotions at bay. It is visually better to have white space in the site as it will relax the user very much. I am pretty sure about it.

4. No Errors Policy is the Best Policy

Some of the sites have many broken links, dead links, redirects, HTML and CSS errors, no screen orientation, no readable fonts etc. These errors has be corrected or minimized to generate more traffic to the site.

It is always good keep the user in a single window and provide content in that. There are sites that fragmented the content into multiple posts. So user have to go to next post, next post and next post to read the entire content. This will reduce engagement of user and reduce traffic.
5 Secret Strategies to Generate More Site Traffic info-graphic
5 Secret Strategies to Generate More Site Traffic

5. Implement Analytics and Use Info-graphics SEO Tricks - Improve Google Ranking

Google Analytics is great platform to understand how traffic is generated and conversion rate. Analytics shows user demographics and interests which are useful in generating more traffic.

Info-graphics is a very important secret strategy which lots of bloggers use to increase traffic to their site. See below info-graphic which I have made for this post.

 Even though it takes some time to make one, they are an asset for your blog or site. Usually these info-graphics get shared more than the post.

Popular SEO Online Tools

A website need different kinds of optimizations but the most popular one is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

For a successful SEO, a website need good SEO tools which are popular in the industry. That is why Sophie, our today's Guest blogger is going share specific SEO tools that can enhance the search results of the website.

Online Website SEO Tools

All small bloggers out there, here you have 17 Free Tools To Increase Page Rank and Website Hits. These were bookmarks of a professional blogger. This will help you to succeed in the path of becoming a professional blogger.

1. Google Webmaster Tool:

This happens to be the most coveted tool owned by every SEO professional due to its supreme efficacy in search indexing. The monitoring of keywords and sitemaps is made easier by the use of this online SEO tool. This tool is provided by Google itself and it have a rich snipper testing tool which is kind of cool.

2. Open Site Explorer:

The link and the back link search by this tool are considered to be as one of the best available nowadays for surviving the stiff competition in today's market. This online SEO tool is vastly used by business organizations to stay abreast with increasing completion in their field of business. open Site Explorer contains lot of info about website including internal links, back-links and external links.

3. SEO by Yoast:

This is a plug in kind of an online SEO tool. This particular tool happens to be the favorite of many SEO professionals as it guides one through all the steps of online search optimization. This tool is widely used for content optimization of websites by the SEO professionals. Wordpress users love to get this plugin.

4. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is considered as to be the most basic and foundation online SEO tool. It is used all over the industry from the beginners to the advanced professionals due to approach of this tool and is recommended by experts due to its high level complex mechanism so as to enable all the SEO professionals to prepare themselves for tougher professional challenges in future. Analytics offers real time info. Using this you can see visitors that are in your website currently. Here you can analyse the bouncing rate of visitors and reduce the rate.

5. AdWords Keyword Tool:

This online SEO tool is provided by Google and is advised to be the best keyword research tool. lIt gives as much keyword data for research purpose of a given phrase o a keyword with optimum precision and accuracy. it gives the global number of search of that keyword including local searches.

6. Bing Webmaster Tools:

Bing webmaster tools has combined with MSN webmaster tools. Although, this tool is not that widely used nowadays as compared to its use in years but it still happens to find a place in top most online SEO tools due to its brilliant efficacy and accuracy for SEO job. The feature of this tool to deliver an insight on clicks, search and indexing makes this tool among the most used online SEO tools these days.

7. PageRank Status:

This tool comes as a browser web page extension and helps the SEO professionals at the every web page they happen to visit. This tool provides a precise idea to the SEO professionals regarding the rank of a webpage among the rest others over the internet. This tool provides SEO professionals the vital information such as SEO stats and more.

The above mentioned online SEO tools are amongst the most widely used all over the world. The research and the trends of the online searches are being stored in the database of these online SEO tools so as to save the user time. The results of such common phrases are instantaneous and optimized to the peak.

Due to such exceptionally high proficiency levels the use above of above listed online SEO tools is recommend for all by the experts of the industry.

1. SERP Checker

SERP means Search Engine Results Page and SERP tool check ranking of keyword of a domain in Google. Type your domain name and region and then enter keywords one by one. Then click the green colour button to get the results.  SERP details will appear in the adjacent box.

2. Best Online W3 CSS Validator

CSS Validator by Code beautify validate CSS code as per standard. This will let the website error free.

3. List of All Google 200 Ranking factors

The list includes 200 ranking factors of Google to rank a domain. Understand How Search Works is also a great resource to understand how a search happens in search engines. 3 steps for Google freshness update is a great article which talks about what is meant by freshness update.

4.  SEO Lessons After Analysing 1 Million Google Search Results

Brian Dean and team has analysed 1 million Google results and shared SEO lessons. This will benefit any blogger at any time. Refer to Google answer on part of search  results to know more about snippets and search results. Have a free SEO checklist to get started for small bloggers.

5. Clean CSS

Clean CSS tool will help to remove white spaces between CSS codes and minify. This will increase the loading speed of teh website.

6. HTML Minifier

HTML minifies HTML codes and remove white spaces between HTML codes. This will increase speed of a website. You can also use line break tool for removing white spaces.

9. 6 Techniques to Get More Visitors Using Analytics

This is post published onconversion-rate-experts which discusses about using web analytics, creating click maps, session recording tools, form analytics software, using live chat, and lastly co-browsing. This post will reveal why people abandon your website.

17. Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool - Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool by Saney will let you to make a Google search result snippet and show the result. You can copy and paste the meta code to the template and see how snippet is working in Google.

These seo tool will Improve your Site's Ranking (SEO) in Google Search Results. Hope your search for how to improve seo ranking on google, increase seo ranking free, how to improve seo wordpress and how to improve seo.

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