August 28, 2017

How to Embed and Use Alexa Widget with SSL Support


Alexa, a subsidiary of Amazon list of the traffic changes of million of websites and blogs Worldwide. Having a good Alexa Rank means that the website is having a high number of traffic from search engines. Alexa rankings were considered as a working model of traffic based ranking and not as a benchmark of SEO. Here is a detailed guide on how to Embed and use Alexa widget with SSl support in your website.

About Alexa

Alexa was popular in search engine optimization sector and helped to compare websites based on number of traffic, number of visitors by country, bounce rate, daily time on site, daily pageviews per visitor and number backlinks.

Alexa provided websites owners to register at the website and offered some free services back then. Now Alexa was recently purchased by Amazon and they stopped all free services and made it only for premium users. Free users can do a trial of Alexa features for 7 days only and after that you have to pay for obtaining the services.

How To Embed Alexa Widget With SSL Support

This code was first developed by sharingtricks and later shared over StackOverflow. To embed Alexa widget in the website, copy the following code, change the "yoursite" to your domain name and paste in a widget or a page.

Alexa Widget HTML code with Script With SSL Support

This script is provides real time update of the ranking of a website.
<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

After inserting the code, save changes. You need to reload the website 2 times. In the first time it will appear as "no data". Second time the widget will appear like this.

alexa html widget https ssl support

The official website says Alexa rank widget has been deprecated but it is working properly with changes in the updated script above. You can check Alexa HTML Ranking Widget Image with HTTPsupport if your website is http based.

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