July 7, 2017

Calculator Vault - App Locker, Image Locker To Protect From Third Party Hacking

We all have many apps in our phone, facebook, messenger, gmail, gallery and many more. We have all kinds of sensitive information on these apps which we never realize. These apps have our addresses, personal ID numbers, friend circle list, pictures of families and children etc. What if someone steals that information by hacking into these apps. What if someone can easily access your mobile phone and checks your apps for information. There is only way to defend these type of attacks, by using an App Locker. Calculator Vault - App Locker, Image Locker can Protect your mobile phones From Third Party Hacking.

Why This App Locker

There are many types of app lockers available in plays store. But what makes this app unique. When strangers try to hack into your mobile phone apps or try to get a peak of it, they are usually stopped by app lockers by providing a pattern or pin. But if they are able to find the icon or titleof the app, that says app locker, they will just uninstallit and hack to other apps.

This new app locker looks like a calculator and strangers will never be able to find the app locker. The title also says calculator and only you know that it is a calculator. This app locker does not just look like a calculator instead you can use it as one too. You can do all kinds of mathematical calculation just like in a normal calculator.

There are many calculator vault of app lockers are out there in play store. Most app lockers delete the apps when they get uninstalled,they crash like anything and make your life miserable, there is no option to unlock when you forget the pin or pattern or password etc. Even I cannot list out all those problems in existing app lockers.

What makes this app unique is that, the features and stability it provides. App locker has two step installation and easy to lock and unlock apps.

An Image Locker

Only One Step Installation to lock any images that you choose from gallery, other apps and Google Photos. 


Total number of images in folder- Long press to get number of images in folders.

Categorize images in multiple folders -  Select the + button at the bottom and select add a folder.

Sort images - Select the 3 dots Sort button at the top to sort by name, by date and by 
Store in external storage [SD Card] or Internal Storage, Back Up and Restore and much more.

Image Slideshow Features

Full screen- Press the arrow button near the picture.

Finger swipe - Swipe the picture left and right with your fingers to see previous and next images. You can use the small arrows also to swipe the pictures.

Unhide button - Select the unhide lock button to unhide the image and see the path.

Photo Detail- Press the i button on the bottom.

Share - Select share button at the bottom.

Rename files - Select the pencil icon at the bottom.

You can Vanish the App like a magician

If you go to settings and activate the vanishing button, the app will disappear. Youcan access the app by dialing #123 and pressing thecall button. If you want the icon to appear on thephone screen, go to settings and disable the option. Then after two secondpause, voila, it will reappear again.

I do not think any other app can do that. Go to play store and download it now.

View Screenshots of App locker


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