May 27, 2017

Why New Bloggers Should Not Follow Tips and Tricks of Pro's


You Need Not Follow in 2017

Anything Else?
It is a very obvious fact that there are thousands of professional bloggers out there for specific topics. Their posts are all optimized for SEO, SEM and what not. Their posts will have thousands have quality backlinks and higher page rank and domain rank.

Freebies for new bloggers

These pro bloggers out there gives E books and other freebies for new bloggers about their so called "tips and tricks" which they "did" to achieve higher page rank. Let me tell you its all huge scam. Pro bloggers keep new bloggers at bay saying that do link building, do that and do this, to get higher organic traffic and get money off that.

Pro bloggers will never reveal their secret. Their blogging business is doomed if they do that. So new bloggers follow their all posts, bookmark it, follow their social network pages and what not to get tips and tricks out of them.

Do you want to waste time by following them?

Please go ahead. But there is no point in doing that. They rock and roll everywhere. Just go for short tail or long tail higher paying keywords, only pro blogs / websites will be in the first 25 ranks. So for a new bloggers reaching the first page is like jumping off a cliff and still reaching safe in the land.

Alternates for getting higher clicks

What you can do is start experimenting on social network sites. Make a community page add people. Publish your posts. Increase numbers to more than 11k and more. And let me tell you, every day you will more than 2k returning visitors in a short amount of time. If you do organic link building and do tips and tricks of pro bloggers, for the next five years, you are going to be sitting ducks and earn maybe 3-4 $ a month.

Make a community of international visitors and write posts that is relevant to them Facebook is a very good platform for them.

Make a page on Facebook, add some international friends, ask them to like. Once they like your page, go their profile and check what are they interested that are related to your niche. Write it down and publish. If they start sharing, I am telling you, you will make 11k visitors in 3 months, which is impossible through organic link building or by following pro bloggers.

My advice is stop following pro bloggers and listens to their link building tips and tricks and start doing what i said above and write posts.

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