May 12, 2017

Guide To New Bloggers To Make Money Through Ad Sense


It is hard struggle for new ad sense bloggers to make money out of the platform. I am not talking about making thousands of dollars a day but just making at least twenty to forty thousand rupees a month. If you work in a company for 8 to 9 hours a day, get loads of tensions and stress, you may still earn 25 to 35 thousand rupees a month.

Ad sense or other ad serving platforms were considered as a means of alternate to get income without depending on daily labor in corporate and companies. However due to high number of publishers trying to make as much money possible are making sure that new bloggers out there will not get a chance in this.

Why You Should GO For Fresh Content

Now it is time to leave the topics on blogging and stuff like that and write something new and fresh. It can be anything may be motivational articles, recipes, travel experience and anything out of the blue. Maybe some of that will gain good traffic and then you can build your blog from that. I know some bloggers who have less than two hundred posts but making more than hundred dollars a month. There are also bloggers who have more than thousands of posts but making less than 1-2 $ a day. So it is not about the number of posts or number of words. It is just about providing some content that people want to read.

The important rule in blogging

The important rule in blogging is that you should not forget the target audience that to whom do you intend to serve with the content. Usually bloggers start with writing on posts such as SEO, SEM etc. targeting new bloggers. But do you think new bloggers will search for such keywords. Go to Quora and find out the questions in blogging

Most of the questions are like what is blogging, can i blog, how to blog etc. So it is necessary to find and cater the content to the audience. Websites like serves to larger audience and makes awesome traffic. It is their way of reaching out. It is necessary to try to find the audience and serve the content.

Promote Promote Promote

So now you have published posts and then what? You share to FB and Twitter and then what. Do you want Facebook share plugins in your blog? It is necessary to reach out other social networking sites such reddit, stumple upon, digg etc. So make a list of all social networks and start sharing.

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