November 17, 2015

Ship Me This Blogging Course: The A to Z of Making Money from Blogging


I think you will agree with me if I say,

Blogging can give you good amount of money!

Then why are you not doing it.  The solution is to Start today.

May be you are blogging but not earning enough. The solution is to seriously change the strategy.

Join My Blogging Course: "The A to Z of Making Money from Blogging" to learn blogging, new strategies and make money from it.

Features of this Make Money Online Program

  1. Designed to offer unique learning experience.
  2. Course Structure takes account of your talents, experience, skill set and abilities
  3. Completely packed up with ppts, practice modules, resource guides etc.
  4. Completely Online and Accessible from Anywhere.
  5. Clears all your queries and doubts.

Who should be the right person to take this course

Check the out the following statements.

"I want to learn blogging. I can write but don't know how to monetize"
"I have been running a blog since 2 years, but not getting any money"
"I read everything about blogging and seo but i dont know how to implement it"
"I really want to start serious blogging but part time."

If your mind is going in these tracks, then you are in the right path.

The Doubter, The Procrastinator and The Distrustful

These are type of people who really needs a big push to start with. Let us look at them and see if it is reflecting you.

The Doubter: A person who questions or lacks faith in something. This person will keep on asking questions and will not actually do anything. Answers do not matter, Action does.

The Procrastinator: A person who delays or puts things off. This person tends to keep away stuff with excuses like I will do it later or tomorrow or when I have mood etc. Money will also procrastinate from you in this case. Do Action Now.

The Distrustful: A person who does not anyone or anything. This person want to start but will not trust the other person or the content. You have to trust and jump to action. 

When Should I take this Course - Today or Tomorrow or in a week

Blogging takes time.
Blogging takes sustainable and timely effort.

I have heard about blogging more than 12 years ago. I did not take any initiative and I started blogging seriously 6 years back. I regret that time I wasted in life.

When I heard about bitcoins, it was 43.97 US Dollar. I did not buy even one. I regret that too.

Making revenue from Blogging part time

Money for learning is not a lose...It is an Investment.

Start Early and you can enjoy the fruits soon..

The course will close once the target amount of students are reached. We are about 70% close to the target currently.

Extra Benefit: I earn enough money from blogging and I have so many ideas that I want to implement. I am unable to do due to lack of time. I do select some good quality candidates and start to implement new ideas with them. Last month we have started Drop Shipping Business. You can be the next one.

Course Structure

Level 1: Demystifying Blogging - Reading on blogging, seo, case studies, challenges.
Level 2: Learn from Pro - Joining some forums and interacting with pro bloggers.
Level 3: Idea Selection - Keyword Research and Niche selection
Level 4: Website & Configurations - Domain, Hosting, Blogspot, Wordpress
Level 5: Content Planning and Writing - Writing the first article
Level 6: SEO - Onsite and Offsite including backlinks
Level 7: Marketing & Promotions - Social Media Optimization and Promotion
Level 8: Traffic to Conversion - Analytics
Level 9: Scaling up Revenue - Ad sense and Affiliate Marketing
Level 10: Sustainable Revenue - Making Money

    How Soon You will Get Results

    It depends on how much time and effort you can put in. You cannot achieve anything in one month. It will take at least 6 months to see measurable results.

    Ship Me This Blogging Course: The A to Z of Making Money from Blogging

    Where are the graphs and Statistics

    I do believe in the power of graphs and statistics. I also follow the advice of Darrell Huff; "If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything". So no statistics or graphs as of now.

    Testimonials from Students

    We take new students when our existing students or Alumni refer them. Thankfully we always get more numbers due to the high quality and practicality of the source.
    I am really thankful to Akhil for helping me out. I was earning nothing from my blog for the last two years. He taught me a lot and in just 4 months, I got a pay check from Google - Pragya Shah, Student

    I had no idea about blogging and earning money from it. I used to online tutoring and one day saw this course. I contacted Akhil and he opened my eyes. I made my first hundred dollars in 3 months with the same content, Thanks - Rahul S Kumar, Professional Photographer

    I am earning two hundred dollars per month from a blog that I started 6 months before. This The A to Z of Making Money from Blogging course is awesome - Santhosh Kumar, Bank Manager
    42 new bloggers have taken this course till March 2018 and 80% of them are earning more than 100$ per month.

    How Much is the fee for this The A to Z of Making Money from Blogging Course

    Fee depends on the skill and ability of the person. This course is tailor made to individuals taking account of their talents. Hence the fee also.

    You might have heard about Backlinko by Brian Dean where he charge 4000$ for an SEO course!!! and I am not kidding.

    We only charge what you can afford to pay. We concentrate on helping you to help yourself to earn money from blogging.

    How to Apply for This Course: Your Blog is Waiting

    Send me answers of these six questions below and I will let you know if I will offer you the course. 

    How to Apply for This make money Blogging Course1. Do you have a blog?
    2. Do you have ad sense account?
    3. Do you have any experience in blogging?
    4. How much time can you allocate for blogging?
    5. Your current location, job and age?
    6. How much can you afford to pay me?

    You can send your answers via akhilshipmethis[at]gmail[dot]com

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