April 18, 2015

The hidden mysteries of ancient Indian temples- Channelizing Energy


Keys to the cosmic, Osho, the great philosopher from India said that ancient temple are keys to the cosmic.

Yes, the ancient temples in India are keys to open the cosmic or god phenomena in the world. Just imagine. Somebody at someday creates a key and shares the info based on that key. But somehow the two individuals dies. Then what will happen? The so-called followers or explorers can not understand the real and true meaning of the key.

There are lot of keys which is useful to open treasures but unfortunately we are not aware of them. Even though a lot of years had gone but still there is a smell of ancient experiences, instinctual behaviors and memories of survival rooted upon us. that is because according to Indian spirituality we all are not new born children,we were existed before we were born ,still living and will live after we die. That is the basic info of gene therapy.

We all know that there are rays in the environment surrounding,exploding ,connecting and combining in each moment. We couldn't see all these rays and feel it but we believe that they are there. HOW? Because a method of channelizing has been invented. We make a radio to channelize the sound waves from the environment through the Arial and transfer them as music. So all this happens by channelizing and not because the radio is supreme and have the ability to produce beautiful music.

Ancient temples also like this. The try to channelize the positive rays from the environment through "kodimaram" , the big statue figure in front of the temple to the human beings. So the spirituality increases day by day. The great sound in the earth "ohm" which quoted by the Oscar winner Rasool Pukkuty in the stage is the real true origin of sound in this earth. This discovery was done by Great Indians.

Temple as a body

Most of the energy can be diverted into the third eye. That is mainly done by yoga and meditation. The picture shows high level of transcendence to third eye through chakras. So that the temple were considered as a human body. The whole energy was transferred from the "kshethrapalaka", the first symbol when we enter into a temple to the "vigraha", the sculpture of God,itself. When we consider the architecture of "Kashi Viswanath temple,varanasi,India" and many other temples we can see the rotating force of energy with waves like serpent tracks. I thought that i could share some details about the temples in India. 

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