April 14, 2015

Positive Adolescent Mental Health Program for 10th standard Students Kashmir


I was thinking to conduct a positive mental health program for the students.

Preparation of positive mental health program

We conducted discussion about Adolescent mental health program. An introduction to the Adolescent mental health program had given to the secretary of the institution as well as the chairman and discussed about it. I thought about various dimensions of mental health in the context of Kashmir and how to create a practical sense out that. Then we tried to mix some techniques which we found in the literature and make it simpler. So that students can understand. We got permission for conducting a positive adolescent mental health program in the institute.

Positive Adolescent Mental Health Program in Kashmir

The positive adolescent mental health program was mainly focused on, three major areas; building support groups, relation between physical health and mental health and finally pleasurable activities. 
Creation of a good support system will help them to discuss their issues and problems and may provide the role models. It will expose a new dimension of openness to them. This will also create a feel to them that at least somebody is there to listen to them, share the issues and empathize. 

For better health we suggested healthy food, good exercise, practice of Yoga and meditation and taught some meditation techniques and asked them to do it in every day. The students were already exhausted by the stress from teachers and exams which they have and asking to them do something extra which they don’t like would be too much. Hence we asked to them enjoy by playing both indoor and outdoor games with peers. We said that pleasurable activities nourished the mind and help the body to stay healthy. The students did welcome it with a round of applause. This was a sign which showed that the program was successful.

I thought about giving them exposure towards the field of mental health by conducting a one day short film festival. The idea struck suddenly and arrangements were done very fast. The students were keenly interested when the heard the word “movies”. We have shown some English short films to them and they were watching it even though some of them could not understand the language. Finally they were found to be happy but discussing about the life of people which have seen in the films. Students liked the short film, “The Hidden Pictures” and praised the idea of visiting different countries to know the condition of mental health. 

As it was our last day in the institution we interacted with the students and teachers. They are happy to share their views and suggestions to us. They promised us that from now on the school will give much more importance to promoting mental health and provide counseling support for all those in need. 

I and others discussed this factor with the chairman of the institution and he was amazed by what we have done in the past days. He said that he personally liked us and would like to do any kind of help in the future. We asked the teachers to support the students whenever they can and try to use some stress management techniques. Teachers and students appreciated what we have done. 

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