July 22, 2014

Review of Free Cheap Web Hosting and Domain with One.com for One Year


One.com is a popular web hosting company that offers free web hosting for domains with unlimited data transfer and an unlimited number of email addresses. If you are looking for hosting your website for free, then you can choose One.com. Well, lets look into offers of One.com.

One.com was founded  in 2002 in Denmark by by Jacob Jensen and it offers wide range of totally free things like that whole free one year package includes, Website, E-mail, Bix and a Domain.

15 GB Hosting space - One.com offers 15 GB Hosting space in the account. 15 GB Hosting space is kind of luxury for starters.

Own Domain - you can host your own domain in One.com or you can buy it from some other domain providers and link it with One.com. You can read my post "Rethink Before Going To Buy And Register New Domain" if you are going  to buy a new domain.

FREE Website tools, Unlimited transfer and Unlimited email accounts.

Review of Free Cheap Web Hosting
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Bix- Bix gives you real time synchronization which synchronize all your files in a jiffy. It offers automatic online backup. So that you don't have keep on backing up data in your computer disks. Gives you fast file sharing, music streaming and unlimited mobile access.

 Awards grasped by One.com are Editor’s Choice - PC Magazine Netherlands & Belgium, Editor’s choice in Netzsieger’s comparison of web hosts and many more.

In the review done by Trustpilot.com, One.com got a rating of Good 7.0. However in whoishostingthis.com do not support One.com fully. After one year, the website hosting package cost 1.89 USD /month.

Users' notified Issues and Problems

The warning messages of Automatic renewal of subscriptions from One.com may end up in spam box of your mail provider.

The Automatic renewal of domains and the subscription is not said in the policies of One.com. To cancel the renewal, you have to send a mail to one.com and the replies from one.com may end up in spam box.

If Automatic renewal is not cancelled, you may lose your money.

There are no information regarding the type of web hosting provided by One.com. It may be shared hosting.

One.com is good if you are trying to learn the basics of hosting and it will help you to learn many things without any charges. But to host in a professional, One.com may be not good.

Some users says that One.com charged a reminder fee for the notification mails.

Some news says that One.com went under attack and about 80,000 contacts were compromised.


I have tried to talk about these issues to them using live chat. I will share that with you. I was number 3 in the queue for our customer support and the estimated waiting time was 0 minutes and 21 seconds. I got the reply in 21 seconds itself. Q means the questions i asked to them.

Question: Hello?
Answer: Hi, How can i help you?
Question: I would like to know about the type of free hosting you provide?
Question:: Hello? are you there?

Then i got this, "You are not currently in a chat session."

Source: whoishostingthis.com

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