July 14, 2014

Need Good Relationships? Stop Depressive Signs in Talks and Conversations


People become depressed and usually feel that they are not capable enough doing things.  These short term depressions are normal and really different from clinically diagnosed depression. These mood changes can be identified easily and people can help others by making them happy.

What are the signs in Talking?

Usually when people with the mood changes open their conversations with a sentence like this, "I am really sorry to disturb you / I hope I didn't offended you" at this point of time. So it feels like the other person did something wrong to hurt the feelings of the these people.

Then they continue their talk like, "but / anyways/ just wanted to tell you" that..They do this with the strnagers also.

They believe they do not have self esteem and usually says that " I might be wrong / I don't know what i am talking about/  I really don't know /  i am a mess".

The believe that they will end up hurting people all the time and believe that they really don't know how to handle them. So they create their own world and live in it. It is a kind of defense mechanism,

They always keep a secure distance from other people in conversations and express statements like this, "I know its none of my business but /  I am sorry if I was rude to you / I hope I didn't offend you much"

They try to avoid taking so much interest in things even if they are interested and says that, "I really don't want a scene but can i just do this /  sorry if I said something wrong / I am not good at all of this / "

They want to keep things personal and secret and ask often, "don't tell others that i talked to you / i hope this conversation is secret / private / confidential"

They say a lot of sorry in between the conversations like "I am really sorry for hurting you / sorry for all the trouble"

They say that they are scared of relationships and want to keep a distance from everybody. However they don't want that in the inside. They feel that they are much mess already, and cannot afford to let other people also get affected by them. They believe that it will be too much for them to handle.

They always doubt people and the relationships and says that "I really think it won't work out at all / I am too scared to take any step"

They over think a lot and goes undecided.

They think they are the ones who are weirdos and other people are normal.

They are really confused to know what they want and say, "I wish I knew what I want."

So to get good relationships, one should avoid using depressive signs in Talks and Conversations. 

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