June 17, 2014

Will Panda 4.0 update eat link-building bamboo in 2014?


Some bloggers says that link building in 2014 do not have validity as Google introduced Penguin to find unnatural links and Panda 4.0 to find out spam content in websites. However, link building is relevant even after Panda 4.0 update.

 If a website get a link from a trusted source including .edu sites, .gov sites or websites like Forbes, Huffington post, Search engine land etc, it will have a positive impact on the search engine rankings. IF the website got a negative neighborhood, flagged as negative, or spam, there will be changes in the search engine rankings.

What most bloggers did in April 2014?

Bloggers wrote 300 words article with a keyword rich title. Then they published the post and shared it to social networks using different accounts in Facebook, Google plus and Twitter. Then they built more than 300 unnatural links with various anchor text in diverse blogs and websites. Some bloggers invited guest posts from newbies and built links. Others advertised to get posts like those that one post equals to 1 dollar and gave contract to industrial scale link building services for building links.

After the updates from Google, bloggers and webmasters are trying to get various ways to rank in search engine. Most of them abandoned the tricks like black hat SEO, unnatural Automated link building,  stuffing keywords in posts and meta tags, link wheels, link hubs, link begging emails, blog networks, three way links, tiered link building service, 301 redirects. These negative techniques and low quality link building strategies exist like an epitaph in internet. The best way to get good original content is to think, search, and research. and if you are publishing good. However adding relevant out bound links can make a website traffic go high.

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