June 13, 2014

New sources for back link and Page rank building after Panda 4.0 update


As you all know Panda 4.0 update struck so many websites including the most famous ones. I have written a detailed blog post related to the . You can refer another post and find out.

Panda 4.0 actually focused on blocking the spam content to rank higher in search results. That means the algorithm will detect the spam content in the post page of the website and block them from the search engine list.

The terms “Panda 4.0 update link building” without quotes has about 5,52,000 results in 0.41 seconds and the top posts are posted in the website searchengineland.com.

Results 1

 If we search for “Panda 4.0 update link building” with quotes we can see only one result under deborahdawui.com.

Result 2

Ones you tried to follow the results carefully, you could understand that some posts were gone several pages back losing their impressions and crawl rate.

How this happened?

Panda 4.0 update usually understand the vulnerabilities of a websites and make bloggers crazy. It is very hard for the bloggers to understand what went wrong. And why my website is not ranking like it used to? If you have questions like this, then you are in the right page. I have shared my case study with you about how Panda 4.0 update affected a small website.

I used to read some superficial posts regarding creating back links and focusing on getting number one rank in Google and suggestions like the following.

1. Write for highly reputable websites in your niche

Email the administrators of the websites and tell them that you have a great interest to share an awesome post and can they accept it for publishing. If they agree, then write a post that stand out in the crowd and not a post for sake of getting link from an author bio or image profile.

2. Write more than one time for reputable websites in your niche 

You published your high quality post in a reputable websites in your niche and you got a back link. This works really of you write more than one time for the same website. That way Google can understand that you are not a spammer but a real author.

3. Monitor the links from your neighborhood websites

There is as saying in my local place that if you want to know some secret stuff about someone, you better to ask to his neighbor. Just like that, Google will find out the neighborhood websites that share links with your website. You can use the neighborhood tool to find out the links. If you find some bad links, you should remove it and make the link structure more appealing.

4. Link your social media accounts like Facebook, twitter, Google plus, pin it, digg, MySpace in the author bio.

 I was not satisfied with it. 

Who will be satisfied with such suggestions like using good responsive design with top quality and original content can do wonders in your SERP results. I could not find anything new or moving in these posts. So I have found out some “out of the box” back link sources that can do some wonders in your SEO rank and SERP results.

1. Organize a SEO workshop 

Have you ever thought of arranging an SEO workshop for web masters and professional bloggers. That way you can creative and amazing suggestions and contacts.

2. Conduct interviews with top web masters and professional bloggers

You can email them and ask for 10 minutes of interview. You can ask interesting questions to them and publish the interview in your blog.

3. Use the statistical part of Google

 You can Google trend, Google search results, Google Analytics and Google knowledge graph to create awesome case studies and present it with detailed explanations.

4. Give away freebies

Everybody loves freebies. You just need to know how to mix freebies with appropriate content.
You can also give away PR website URL's like Bubblews.com  . Bubblews.com has pa page rank of 4 out of 10.

If you have any other awesome innovative ideas, kindly share it in Facebook or Twitter.

5. Submit to Audio Sharing Sites

Usually people forget audio sharing websites that have tons and tons of ranking energy. You can just sign up with these websites, upload some music and add the website URL in author bio or website address.

Reverbnation.com - It is a PR6 website. You need to add a chunk of music in it for signing up.

BandCamp.com - PR7 website. Just sign up

Sutros.com - PR5 site.

YourListen.com - website with Page Rank of 5.

Soundcloud.com - Page Rank 8

Chirbit.com - Page Rank of 6

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