January 18, 2014

Brief Introduction to Health, Medicine in Historical times


History is one of the important Social Science disciplines that contributed to the field of Health and Medicine. The evolution of Health and medicine in the ages is somewhat impossible to describe but the key changes that has happened and the contribution of history can be noted. It is interesting to study how historical events contributed to health and medicine especially the epidemics like plague. It is also amusing how religious institutions approached diseases and cured them. In ancient days, diseases were attacks of outer and external forces.

After the emergence of Buddhist religion, there were several hospital-like centres in Buddhist regions. Usually in Tibet and some places in Nepal also had these ashrams where they heal patients by diet, yoga, meditation and medicines that developed from the nature. Meditation was a strong method to control the physiological and psychological health. Ayurveda was strong in these times also after it emergence in BC.
The Greek believed that all the diseases were given by Gods, so that only they can sure them. That is why all the sick patients come to temples to pray to seek help. Military hospital was way to reach patients who need medicines. Romans were in wars with other countries and had so many war victims. These victims were treated if the he can fight again or killed otherwise. In the dark ages, Victorian times also health was a field of major crisis. In the medieval period Islamic institutions addressed diseases and in India, Unani, Siddha etc was practiced.

From there we have arrived at the discovery of AIDS epidemic of the late 20th Century which has boosted the medical field as well as health awareness. The Government as well as other NGO’s together worked to eradicate AIDS.

Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other diseases related to memory and intellect will be addresses more in the coming years. Work stress in business sectors and life style diseases are another area that is going to be addressed in the future.

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