December 16, 2013

Increase Traffic Using Social Media Out Bound Links


The best SEO techniques are often debated across the industry, and it’s because the world’s most influential search engine, Google, continues to tighten up the way they produce their search results. As they become more stringent in how they monitor and decide on quality content, the best SEO techniques evolve to match Google’s updated system.

Do you know what you are doing

Despite this, people claim that there are some tried and true methods  that continue to work no matter the changes made. Here are some of the so called best methods you can apply to your business before contacting an SEO specialist company, like Optimizing, who can then maintain your website to the best SEO standards through any possible industry changes.


Just like body builders bulk to accumulate mass, bulking your website makes it a stronger competitor in search engine results because it makes you appear more legitimate than the rest. You can add multimedia components to your website, such as videos, links and screenshots, making your website a more attractive option and one that can be found quite easily through a simple key word search. In addition to multimedia material, providing quality, longer more detailed content can help; in addition to continually updated posts, particularly including key words in your properly titled headings.

But what happens is that as you bulk your site more, your SERP rank will increase without a regularity and finally uncontrollably. The bots will find this site and block it from search engines. So be alert when you are doing this

Link Building

Typically, this is frowned upon, but it can actually do you some good rather than the harm it’s rumoured to do. Linking properly in meta tags can easily improve your linking systems so potential clients can connect with you easier than ever. In some studies done on SEO techniques, having extra outbound links can improve your presence, much more than having none appear at all. Approaching quality blogs to link back to your website can help increase your presence online, but it can be tricky if the blog is not well recognized and does not produce legitimate content. So do not attempt this unless you are confident to try it.


Investing in engaging with your clients on Facebook can be a wise investment as it provides natural links back to your company website and Facebook profiles rank well on Google. If your clients and customers warm to your Facebook profile and engage in any enticing offers, they are engaging with your brand making them feel more comfortable with your but also improving your legitimacy in search engine results as well.

So be careful before doing any of the false methods...

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