May 17, 2013

Top 7 Popular SEO Online Tools for websites and blogs


Akhil S Kumar 20-03-2014

A website need different kinds of optimizations but the most popular one is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. For a successful SEO, a website need good SEO tools which are popular in the industry. That is why Sophie, our today's Guest blogger is going share specific SEO tools that can enhance the search results of the website.
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Top 7 Best SEO Online Tools for websites and blogs

1. Google Webmaster Tool:

This happens to be the most coveted tool owned by every SEO professional due to its supreme efficacy in search indexing. The monitoring of keywords and sitemaps is made easier by the use of this online SEO tool. This tool is provided by Google itself and it have a rich snipper testing tool which is kind of cool.

2. Open Site Explorer:

The link and the back link search by this tool are considered to be as one of the best available nowadays for surviving the stiff competition in today's market. This online SEO tool is vastly used by business organizations to stay abreast with increasing completion in their field of business. open Site Explorer contains lot of info about website including internal links, back-links and external links.

3. SEO by Yoast:

This is a plug in kind of an online SEO tool. This particular tool happens to be the favorite of many SEO professionals as it guides one through all the steps of online search optimization. This tool is widely used for content optimization of websites by the SEO professionals. Wordpress users love to get this plugin.

4. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is considered as to be the most basic and foundation online SEO tool. It is used all over the industry from the beginners to the advanced professionals due to approach of this tool and is recommended by experts due to its high level complex mechanism so as to enable all the SEO professionals to prepare themselves for tougher professional challenges in future. Analytics offers real time info. Using this you can see visitors that are in your website currently. Here you can analyse the bouncing rate of visitors and reduce the rate.

5. AdWords Keyword Tool:

This online SEO tool is provided by Google and is advised to be the best keyword research tool. lIt gives as much keyword data for research purpose of a given phrase o a keyword with optimum precision and accuracy. it gives the global number of search of that keyword including local searches.

6. Bing Webmaster Tools:

Bing webmaster tools has combined with MSN webmaster tools. Although, this tool is not that widely used nowadays as compared to its use in years but it still happens to find a place in top most online SEO tools due to its brilliant efficacy and accuracy for SEO job. The feature of this tool to deliver an insight on clicks, search and indexing makes this tool among the most used online SEO tools these days.

7. PageRank Status:

This tool comes as a browser web page extension and helps the SEO professionals at the every web page they happen to visit. This tool provides a precise idea to the SEO professionals regarding the rank of a webpage among the rest others over the internet. This tool provides SEO professionals the vital information such as SEO stats and more.

The above mentioned online SEO tools are amongst the most widely used all over the world. The research and the trends of the online searches are being stored in the database of these online SEO tools so as to save the user time. The results of such common phrases are instantaneous and optimized to the peak.

Due to such exceptionally high proficiency levels the use above of above listed online SEO tools is recommend for all by the experts of the industry.

About the Author:

The guest post was contributed by Sophie, guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Apart From Blogging she does research on child tax credit helpline

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