May 14, 2013

Get 5 GB Free hosting space for Website / blog in Plan of


Akhil S Kumar 09-04-2014

Today I am going to review a new hosting provider and its free hosting plan. This website hosting provider is known as Hope you heard of this hosting provider? As the name suggest gives away 5 GB space in hosting. Amused?..Well, you should be.

REVIEW FREE WEBSITE HOSTING PLANS 5GB FREE.COM is a relatively not so popular website that offers free website hosting plans to visitors. I will list out some reasons for saying this sentence and as knowledgeable readers, you can analyse various reasons for saying like this. The main feature of this hosting plan of is that no payment is required to sign up with them. Usually companies that give you free hosting offers payment at starting when you sign up with them. They usually say this is to reduce spamming but for users this is an additional burden.  But the policy of allow user to register free of cost and and get 5 GB hosting space in the internet. Getting such amount of space without spending any dime is amazing. This 5 GB space can be used to upload multimedia files like MP4, AVI, JPEG etc. Using this much of space, user can create larger quality websites with big chunks of data at ease.


 1 FTP account - FTP account is used to upload files to hosting space. Usually FTP software like filezilla is used to upload files to hosting space. The main use of this FTP account is that you can use this software and install it in your personal computer and upload it in real time. You do not have to go the website of and select  each file and waiting for uploading. gives this opportunity free of cost to every usr.

20 GB of bandwidth- Bandwidth are really needed in this information explosion era. I think 20 gb of bandwidth is ok not brilliant for a new user.

 3 MySQL database- MySQl database is need when you need to host word press sites and offers three MySQL data bases for each user.

The cloud linux operating system 

A subdomain for free - Sub domains are not needed for users but for learning hosting one can use these sub-domains.


 No email- An admin mail Id is important to create a new identity and protect the status of the website. Admin email id Using this plan we will not get [email protected] mail id. Limiting this is a issue for users who would like to create brand names for their websites and promote credibility. But users can get gmail Id's to solve an replace this issue.

No custom error pages- Custom error pages are needed for a professional website and it is really adequate to avoid 404 error and broken links. The issue here is that the visitor will not be redirected to another page. Custom error pages help the visitor to redirect to another page, if the clicked page is often removed or not accessed by search engine bots.

 No cron jobs Embedded ads- The worst part of They says that it is free plan but the ads provided by is mandatory. Then how can we say that this is a free web hosting plan? The adds will be embedded in your web page without your permission so you cannot remove them also. That means is earning with your website and not you. You cannot apply for other add program for monetizing your website due to this policy.

Only 1 domain- You can only host one domain per hosting account. This is actually ok for new bloggers.

 No link to online customer care support- Customer service is necessary to solve ssues and problems of users and only a picture is available in the website. May be there is no such service as customer care support. The user cannot have access to real time help and he/she cannot solve problems like deleted account, deleted data or error in accessing website. But it has a form based support.

The free plan only have a forum based support - The problem with form based support is that it cannot solve issues real time. Sometimes users will have to wait for one or more weeks to get the solutions for problems. The was sold to some unknown company and the databases were dead.

This info was posted in forum. I am not sure about this information.You can sign up them using this link :  About to The terms of service are much better than other websites that offer free hasting packages. They only state some common policies. The pro plan is available for 2.95$.


 We think that should remove ads serving policy in order to keep their word. Unless they remove this, we cannot call it as a free hosting plan. Email option need to be included as it is necessary for users.. The rating is 3.5 out of 10. 

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