May 20, 2013

Review Free Cloud Web Hosting Service by


             You can start your quest for blogging by reading my new post about "Rethink before going to buy and register new domain",  Cloud hosting is relatively a new type of hosting for your domain. In cloud hosting your website is connected with individual servers around the globe. This network of different servers forms a massive server. offers free cloud hosting for websites and bloggers which is one of the best website hosting services in 19 places covering 16 major cities. This free hosting plan is hosted on cloud engineered VMware ESX servers. This hosting plan is with Anycast DNS Technology.

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Free Cloud Web hosting service by hostzilla reviews for website / blog
This hostzilla review includes features and limitations of Hostzilla.

Hostzilla Review Features

Comes with a cPanel.

Ad free hosting.

Unlimited Data Transfer, SQL databases, Add-on domains, Parked domains, Sub domains and FTP accounts.

 Email accounts with unlimited POP3, IMAP4, SMTP support. Guaranteed up time is 100 percentage and server uptime is 99.5 percentage.

Free website templates, advanced site builder and search engine free submission.

They listed abundant features for this free plan on the homepage of the website. You can check them out by visiting their site.

 Multi-lingual supports over 24 languages.


100MB cloud web space only. In their terms of service page they state that hostzilla will not do any website maintenance service of any hosted website.

The technical support of hostzilla is not available for website programming including HTML coding, configuring scripts and troubleshooting the website or database. To do these jobs hostzilla will ask you for money.

CHAT ROOM: I have chatted with one of the customer care representative in hostzilla. I asked him that “i would like to know about hosting my own domain in the free hosting plan?”. After some minutes of silence he said to me like this, “You can just signup for free plan and start using our service”.

Try and see the performance of your website after hosting your domain on hostzilla. Later if the service is good, upgrade the plan to premium. Well, think about it.

Hostzilla Review Rating

The features of this free web-hosting plan are good. But they are of no use if the disk pace is less than 100 MB. But it is suitable for small websites and blogs. So we give a rating of 8.5 out of 10 for this Free Cloud Webhosting service by


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Review Free Cloud Web hosting service by for website / blog Reviewed by Wilhelm John on April 20 2014

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