April 19, 2016

Must Read Review of Free Web Hosting package Plan Biz.nf


Akhil S Kumar 09-04-2014

Biz.nf provides free hosting plans which are powered by Attractsoft GmbH to users without any adds on the website. That means they will not any kind of adds like pop ups, banner or link adds to your website.  The post discusses about the web hosting plan of Biz.nf and its good things and bad things. We are just reviewing the free hosting plan of biz.nf and this may vary as terms of service and resources change. The listed info is adapted from the website of Biz.nf and other sources. 

image of eatures of Free Web Hosting Plan of www.biz.nf
Image of Free Web Hosting Plan of www.biz.nf


No big banner ads- There are no 700 or 900 width banners that cut the view of visitors. Some times these adds create major problems in loading webpages.

No ads that pop up before visitors - These adds are trying to redirect user by popping up from no where from your website and block the content.

No text link ads - No text that redirects user to other websites. Some texts over lap with your post content and distort user views.

It gives you 250 MB of web space with 5000 MB of data transfer - A good thing
Free domain at .co.nf with site builder -Getting a site builder is not a simple choice.
You can host 1 domain name for free for one year - I believe it is the unique feature in this free hosting plan - Considering other websites in internet, i think this feature makes biz.nf unique. For one year you can host any domain and biz.nf will support it for free. New bloggers can use this amazing plan for learning hosting and follow it as a profession.


In the FAQ page http://www.biz.nf/faq.php of biz.nf, they clearly says that their free web hosting plan have restrictions for users. The main limitation is that the number of outgoing emails one can sent in a month are limited to 30. LOL.. I do not why they are limiting this feature. May be they want to limit something for the sake of it. Usually you can receive emails using foxyform email forms and send them using gmail. So no need for this email feature.

The uploading is fast but the maximum size of a file which can be uploaded is limited to 2MB. The faq section indicates that the servers they use for free hosting plans are 70% slower than advanced web hosting plans. This is actually may cause a issue. You cannot upload images or video files that are more than 2mb in size. However limiting this size can increase your speed of the website.

In the terms of service page http://www.biz.nf/tos.php they indicate that free plan have a fixed traffic allotment where the amount of traffic your site receive from search engines is limited. Excessive use of resources(they decide the use) can get your account terminated without refund.

The sites hosted under this free plan must restrict the use of space
to image files like .gif, .jpg and .png,
to archive files such as .zip, .cue,
to .pdf files
to video files like .3gp and .mp4.

The user cannot upload torrent files, mpeg files and mp3 files. So beware for this as thi smay lead to banning your website. Usually torrents are banned due to criminal activities related issues. Each free user should only be registered to one free hosting plan or they may cancel both of them. The maximum inactivity period is 12 months. If you did not use your website or had no activity for 12 months consequently, your website will be terminated. Before terminating they will send notifications. But i am not sure whether we will notice it. And if unnoticed, this will lead to termination of your precious website.

About to Biz.nf

They publicly admit http://www.biz.nf/about.php that their free hosting service is limited. Not every company out there will do that. So they need to be appreciate that.


We are this website considering so many factors including real time monitoring and updation. It  also includes opinions of users and social media polls. Biz.nf provides good features in the free hosting plans and this is good for any other user who want to try hosting. But allowing files size more than 2 mb can make this plan favorite. Users need better services and better resources.

 So we give a rating of 8.5 out of 10.

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