May 21, 2013

Know more about Disk space, Bandwidth, cPanel, multilingual support


Some of my blogger friends asked about what is meant by Disk space, Bandwidth, cPanel, multilingual support and terms that are related to hosting and stuff. I told them to surf internet or Google. Later I thought that I am a blogger, then why can't I use my knowledge to describe these terms. That is why I have written them I hope these information will help new blogger also. I described each term for new bloggers or users out there... If you like it SUBSCRIBE US..

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Disk space, Bandwidth, cPanel, multilingual support

What is Disk space?

Disk space means that how much of amount of data is available for your website in the hosting account. In free hosting accounts the disk space may limit but for premium accounts they are unlimited. Why is id disk space important? Because if you need to add some quality files like images or videos or some flash files with a large space, then disk space will become important. If you want to add large size files, you need to have a hosting account which gives unlimited disk space.

What is Data Transfer or Bandwidth?

Data Transfer or Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred from server to client as well as client to server. When somebody visits your website from a browser, the browser send request to the server and the server gives info according to the request. This data transfer from server to client and client to server is important if the website has large traffic. If the website have large traffic and the accessible bandwidth of the hosting account is low, then the performance of your website may reduce and the user may experience a downtime.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a short form of control panel where you can access all the tools of your hosting account including email accounts, domain manager, hosting settings etc. cPanel provide a graphical user interface for users. It lists all the automation tools that help a user to configure his website and make it more appealing and SEO friendly.

What is Multi lingual control panel?

Multi lingual control panel supports some specific languages for the user rather than English. This is useful for new users to become familiar with all the specific tools and configure the website. This also helps to simplify website hosting and make it more easy. Most of the hosting websites offers multi lingual support.


Akhil 11/04/2014 1:00 AM Know more about Disk space, Bandwidth, cPanel, multilingual support
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