May 16, 2013

Reviews of Free Domain Hosting Chocolate Plan of


Akhil S Kumar 09-04-2014

I have added so many important information regarding what is hosting and what are the things a blogger should take care before going for a free hosting provider. This post explains about the free domain hosting plan of is a very popular hosting website that gives valuable service to customers. The chocolate free domain hosting plan of freehostia consist of some good features.

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Get Free Domain Hosting Chocolate Plan of


Up to 5 domain can be added to this plan.

The users get 6 G B bandwidth in this plan which is good.

 Have FTP access with some limitations such as just 30 seconds for webcam. But something is better than nothing, right?

No ads on the website. This is actually good for converting website into a earning extra money habit.

 Includes 3 mail accounts with POP3 and IMAP protocols but SMTP service is denied.




The customer only gets 250MB disk space which is very low. The main issue I found is this. The user cannot add more than 250 MB space that means the user should avoid quality images and videos from website.

The MySQL services have 1 database with 10MB storage space.

The customer can only upload files that are lesser than 500kb in space. Because of these restrictions, quality multimedia files with size more than 500 KB cannot be uploaded.

The customer can use only one free domain hosting plan at a time. If used more than one all your accounts may get banned.

 The customer care service need to be updated to get online help from representatives.

Now the user should create a support ticket.

The accounts will be removed after 30 days of inactivity.


The main problem of free domain hosting plan of freehostia is that all outgoing connections from your website to other remote servers, such as RSS feeds, Site counters, Web Statistics services, Website analytics etc., is disabled for free domain hosting. Even though freehostia uses cookies like Google analytics on the website, the user is not allowed to make us of outgoing connections. The user will have to be satisfied with it. This information can be found at the Terms Of service Page of free hostia.



We think that some outgoing connections should be permitted as well as the uploading space need to be increased. So we give a 6.5 rating out of 10 for freehostia’s free domain hosting service


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