May 19, 2013

Explained Virtual Private, Shared, Dedicated, Self, Collocation Hosting Services

Akhil S Kumar 20-03-2014

This Post is a continuation from my other post  "8 Different Types of Website Hosting Services Explained". Kindly read it for more info about types of web hosting if you didn't...


VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is like getting a server only for you. You website can be hosted in a specific server with guaranteed uptime and memory and CPU usage. The price range is $50 to $100.
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Explained  Hosting Services


In Shared web hosting your website is connected with the servers that are shared with other websites. That means your website shares the server space and the cost of hosting with other websites. It is like sharing an auto or taxi with others. But sometimes this low cost will affect the performance of your website. If the shared network have a website that have a large amount of traffic, your website will automatically experience a downtime error. The main feature of shared hosting is that you can host your website with a price between 1$ to $10. The best providers of shared hosting are Linode and Digital Ocean, iPage which is founded on 1998 and now it iPage hosts over 1 million websites, Fat cow and HostGator.


In this type of web hosting you will get root permissions to access the server. Such types of hosting are more preferred by companies. The price usually starts from $120.


You provide your own server and you can start hosting your own website. The company will provide you with power and other requirements. You just have to give the server.



You may also hear about Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting and Unix hosting. Windows hosting means that the web servers are using windows based operating systems. The Linux Hosting means that it runs in Linux OS and Unix hosting on Unix OS.

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Akhil 09/04/2014 12:00 PM Explained Virtual Private, Shared, Dedicated, Self, Collocation Hosting Services
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