May 23, 2013

Analysing the Absolutely Free Website Plan of Free

2013-05-23T00:36:00+05:30 offers a 100% free website hosting where you can create a website for no cost at all. Free website plan is a good offer for new bloggers. When I visited the homepage of, i could see a lot of offers which are explaining about many features and tools.

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 Free Website Plan of Free


No Banner Ads, No hidden ads, no links to there will be no forced ads placing on your website.

No limit to the file size when uploading. This is also a good and major feature for The user can add any multi media files through this account.

Allow free flash and shock wave. This is indeed a help a lot to get clicks from ads. So this is a good idea by their founders.

You can sell products or involve in money making business like M2M and ad sense using this plan.

The Bandwidth is 1gbps.

The website can have frames in the lay out.

Free 330 professional templates.

10 GB free drive to back up your data.

1 click installer for word press, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal and phpBB.


The features of this free website hosting plan are not published well.

The free domain hosting is available when the user register a new domain with them unless they have to pay for domain hosting and that 12.95 dollars.

The website says that users get free website storage space, free bandwidth free email etc but no word about the amount of bandwidth and storage space in the home page.

In their Terms of Service page they says that excessive use of bandwidth and storage space may result in the termination of the website.

SHIP ME THIS RATING offer a wide range of tools to new bloggers. So that can surely help them to learn more about website hosting and website configuration. So considering that point we give 8.5 out 10.


Akhil S Kumar 11/04/2014 10:00 PM Analysing the Absolutely Free Website Plan of Free
Reviewed by Wilhelm John on April 12 2014

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