May 19, 2013

8 Different Types of Website Hosting Services Explained


Akhil S Kumar 11-04-2014

Website hosting services are popular in these days. If you are a blogger, you may have heard the term hosting the domain. Web hosting is defined as hosting your website on public servers. The information is stored into servers using databases. The common data bases are Oracle, MySQL, MS Access etc. So today we will discuss about different types of web hosting.

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Website Hosting Services



Free hosting is that you can host your website with no fee or cost. Usually free hosting services are likely to be used for small websites and personal websites that have low traffic. Free hosting involves some controls over the websites like use of sub domain rather than your own domain, limited bandwidth and disk space. The sub domain will look like this,



 If is hosted on, the URL will be which is not good for business and monetary benefits. So think twice before you leap. If you want to learn about website hosting and stuff, I think you should try free website or domain hosting services like


This is basically a shared hosting package but comes with additional packages and tools. In this you may get free website templates, technical support but the price range is little higher than shared hosting which is $10 to $40.



 Cloud hosting is fairly a new but improved use of technology. It uses a method of adding individual servers from all around the globe to create a massive server. That way more websites can be hosted in it creating more space and efficiency. Cloud hosting services mainly charge you for what you use like bandwidth and hosting space. The price range is $25 to $50. Some of the clouds hosting services are Amazon EC2 or Amazon Elastic Compute cloud which is a famous for video sharing., Rackspace Cloud servers which prived unlimited disk space and free domain and other awesome features

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