3 steps to Claim / Redeem Jet Airways JP miles On Non-Airline Partners

Many travelers fly in Jet Airways as it provides good service as well as good food. Usually people book flight tickets from Jet Airways website however many books from non- airline partners like makemytrip etc. This post helps flight travelers to claim / redeem  Jet Airways JP miles On Non-Airline Partners.

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15 Sure Ways To Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue

There are some important findings by several webmasters about Google Ad sense and how to increase the revenue. ShoutMeLoud has shared fifty methods to boost the revenue of ad sense. However there was no explanation on how to do this. This will explain shortly sure ways to boost ad sense revenue.

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Do Mozilla Firefox Have The Fire Now? Crashing Slow Speed Issues

Mozilla Firefox was one of popular browsers in the internet world. But Now a days Firefox does not have the fire now. It is just fox. The browser is having compatibility issues, slow loading speed, getting stuck all the time, issues in loading responsive websites and the list goes on. I have installed Firefox for a long time. Maybe more than 4 years. However now days I just use it open gmail and thats it.
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Download Any Songs in One Search - AI Search Engine Bot From India

There is a famous story of Einstein and a child. One day Einstein was travelling in a boat and suddenly it got stuck in the muddy sand. The boat did not move an inch even he tried so much to tilt it. After 5 minutes, a small child came with a small boat in that way.

Will you wait for the future to happen or take a hand in shaping it? text
Will you wait for the future to happen or take a hand in shaping it?

He saw Einstein and the boat. After seeing the problem, he said to Einstein, "Can I help You by Bringing Bigger Boat from My home?". Einstein replied calmly, "No, child. It is fine. a high tide is coming in sometime. I am waiting for that". Child replied in amusement, "sir, it will take about 3-4 hours for the waves to come. What will you do till that time?". Einstein said, "Dear child, I will use that time wisely. I will think!!".
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Top Startups Of 'NON'-IIT or 'NON'-IIM Graduates in India

It became a trend in Indian media to portray start up winning stories of IIT or IIM graduates.Majorly Indian Media think that general public very much "interested" to read such winning stories and get motivated by it. Media is also interested to specifically publish stories of drop outs from IITs and IIMs who created some kind of start ups. It is good that media is at least publishing these stories. Given that the IIT acceptance rate is below 2%, there are many qualified Indian students who don't make it into IIT but go out there and create amazing start ups. Their stories are often get dwindled down. Here are top 5 Top Startups Run by a 'NON'-IIT or 'NON'-IIM graduates in India.
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