I have been working in the development sector for some years now and I have found a very strange job call from an organization called parivartansandeshfoundation. I will just post their job vacancy post below;

Hot Vacancy Form
Grant Director / Manager
• Responsible to raise fund 30 Lac -50 Lac in a year.
• From very 1st month ready to deliver the productivity.
• Researching and approaching trusts, Companies, Corporate, agencies and other bodies that could potentially make grants to the organisation
• Writing and presenting proposals.
• Managing the grant application process and ensuring that reporting is tracked and meets donors' expectations
• Developing relationships with major donors, identifying new potential major donors and nurturing relationships
• Preparing income and expenditure fundraising budgets for approval as per project
• Recording, monitoring and reporting financial progress

• Administrative duties: updating databases, preparing reports, monitoring income and expenditure.

• Recruiting and managing volunteers for a fundraising project.
• Manage volunteers and human resources as per project requirements.
• Communicating with the public: online, via the media, through direct mail etc.
• Liaising with copywriter, printer etc to produce fundraising promotional material
• Communication skills: writing dynamic funding proposals and inspiring people to commit to the cause in question.
• Interpersonal skills: you will be constantly interacting with people, persuading them of the value of your organisation.
• Research skills and attention to detail: sourcing information and statistics, researching trends, assessing costs.
• Creativity: idea generation is important as charities try to ‘piggy back’ on what the public has an interest in.
Posses excellent organizational skills
• Strong command over written and verbal communication
• Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills
• Good understanding of the organization's overall business and its objectives
• Possess good knowledge of planning and strategizing financial and budgeting issues
• Ability to work within a team and provide support to the junior staff
• Ability to perform in cross-functional team approach and job responsibilities
• Experience with basic financial management skills including developing and monitoring budgets and financial reporting
• A multi-tasker with strong ability to work under under pressure
• Ability to prioritize work, meet deadlines and produce quality results on time with attention to detail.
• Proficient in using computers with related knowledge of software programs and Internet
Begumpur, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
• Sec-137, Noida
5 lacs to 15 lacs.


Min: 3

Max: 10
Parivartan Sandesh Foundation is a Charity organization, envisions a society where every child and woman has equal opportunity to survive and develop to her optimal potential through access to quality education, health services and vocational skills.

I did not edit or change anything. It is how i got it. Now they call the vacancy HOT. I do not have any idea on what that is. Then the Grant Director, which they call, is responsible to raise fund 30 Lac -50 Lac in a year and the salary is 5 lacs to 15 lacs annually. Simple logic: If one person is capable of raising that much of money in an year, why should he work for this NGO.

Second, the person has to do Administrative duties. I mean what is the nature of the job - grant manager or administrative manager. I mean, do these people have any idea on what they write about.

Third, the person should try to ‘piggy back’ on what the public has an interest in. What does that even mean? Does it mean, the manager should use sympathy of people towards the "TARGET" population of NGO and get money out of it. I will share a wall paper that's featured in this NGO's website.

What NGOs Should Not Do: An Example

The NGO says, people should donate second hand fans, coolers and AC for under privileged. I mean, really!. Their definition of under privileged may be a family with a concrete house with electricity connection and money to pay the bills. They are called privileged generally in development sector.

There is another organization called SPRAT in Ahmedabad that takes 2 months salary from people as bond and put a minimum one year bondage. I mean, these NGOs are run by people who have only profit in their heads and motivation to fill their pockets. They are ruining the development sector as well, providing a bad example.

There is a dire need to evaluate such NGOs and put more accountability and transparency. Unless the development sector will still be underdeveloped and exploited. It is a necessity to have external independent reviews of fund utilization and project implementation. Without that, its still business and profitability and nothing else.

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