I gave my pc for a new installation of Windows and those service people installed a trial Quick Heal Antivirus in the PC. It ran for few days and when the trial period was over, i tried to uninstall it. Even after my hundred agonizing efforts I could not uninstall this antivirus.

I went to Control Panel > Uninstall programs > Quick heal Antivirus and it says Access Denied.
I tried using CCleaner >  Uninstall programs > Quick heal Antivirus and it says Access Denied.
Used Registry Editor > All sorts of keys. It says access denied.
Went C:/ > Tried to delete folder > Folder Access Denied

Folder Access Denied
Folder Access Denied

After all these efforts, i used Quick Heal Product Removal Tool. After using that, i restarted my computer and my mouse and keyboard stopped working. I mean how worse this can go. I had to use system restore and then mouse, keyboard started working but Quick heal folder and all registry keys have returned.

Are you kidding me? How can such bad product is out there? I contacted customer care of Quick heal and they are saying its not possible that my mouse and keyboard will stop working if I use this removal tool. I asked them about any other ways to deal with this and they disconnected the chat. Such a worse product, worse company and worse customer care.

All those bogus tutorials in internet to remove quick heal from the system will remove health of your system. So better to reinstall Windows or whatever OS you are using. How come people download this antivirus which is made for ruining the system or OS which customers are using.

I request everyone not to use as it will be nightmare for you to uninstall this product.

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