Here are some quick tricks for eggs that will make your life easier.

How To Save Eggs Before They Get Rotten

1. Put some butter on the egg shell. This will create a protective layer around the egg and save it from becoming rotten.

2. Boil the eggs and remove the shell. Take some water in a bowl and put the eggs in the bowl fully immersed in water. Put both in the fridge.

How to Remove Egg Shells Easy

1. While boiling egg, add some salt in the water. This will reduce the hardness of the shell making it easier to remove.

2. Take some cold water and add some salt in that. After boiling the eggs, put them in the cold water. Wait till egg gets cooled and try removing them now.

How to Know Which Egg is Good

1. Take some water in a bowl. Put the eggs in the water. Eggs that touch the bottom of the water are good.

How to Remove Foul Smell of Boiled Eggs

1. Remove the egg shells of the boiled egg and put in cold water for some time.

How to Make Tasty Omlette

Add one spoon of water while preparing egg for the omelette.

How To Cut Boiled Eggs Without Damage it

Put the knife in water before cutting the boiled egg

You can use threads to cut the egg. It won't get damaged.

How Not To Crush the Egg Shells While Boiling Eggs

If you are taking eggs from the fridge, then add some oil in the boiling water. This way the shells will not break while boiling.

Rub some lemon on the egg shells before you boil them.

Boil the water first and before putting eggs, reduce the flames and slowly put eggs inside.

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