I googled cookie too big. I don't get it. Why is that bad to google?
Googling cookie too big???

Often when you visit a webpage in Chrome, you may have received an error called "400 Bad Request, Request Header or Cookie Too Large". Here is a quick guide to clear the error request header or cookie too large chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox and Edge browser and proceed with surfing internet. Request Header or Cookie Too Large error will not let you surf internet due to large number of corrupted cookies. Kindly follow the below steps to solve 400 Bad Request Header or Cookie Too Large in Chrome.

What is Cookie Too Big?

400 Bad Request usually happens when the server finds the cookie for that domain is too big to load or corrupted. Usually nginx server shows such 400 Bad Request or Request Header or Cookie Too Large errors when the server finds the cookie large enough.By deleting the cookie stored in your browser you can avoid this error. Check the URL typed in the browser whether the syntax is correct or not.

How to Avoid 400 Bad Request Error

Step 1: Refresh the webpage using CTRL + R

Step 2: Hard Refresh the webpage using CTRL + F5

Step 3: Use incognito or Private mode in the browser.

Step 4: You need to delete the cookie stored in your browser. You may have to delete the cookies again when you restart the browser.

Step 5: Flush DNS : Press Windows Button + R to get run window. Type "cmd" and enter. Check other Ways to open Command prompt.
Type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter.

Step 6: Restart DNS Client Service Service : Close the browser. Right click on taskbar and select Task manager. Select Services. Find DNS client from list of services. Restart the service. Open the browser and try entering URL again.

DNS Client Service Service

Step 7: Run TDSS Killer Tool from Kaspersky: IDSS detects any rootkits on your computer and remove them. A rootkit is a program or a program kit that hides the presence of malware in the system. You can download it from here: http://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/utility#TDSSKiller

For Chrome Users;

Step 1: Type "chrome://settings/" without quotes in the address bar and press Enter

 OR Go to Settings from the sidebar

400 Bad Request, Cookie Too Big - Chrome
400 Bad Request, Cookie Too Big - Chrome
Step 2: Select "Show Advanced Settings" and Select "Privacy"  OR Click CTRL + H

Step 3: Select "Clear Browsing Data"

Step 4: Select "Cookies and other site and plugin data"

Step 5: Press "Clear Browsing Data"

For Mozilla Firefox Users

To Clear the Cache, Do the following steps;

Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"

To Remove Cookies from sites causing problems:

Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Select the domain name by searching on the tab and select it., Then press Remove Selected. If you are unable to find the domain, press Remove All.

For Internet Explorer [IE]Users

Settings OR Press CTRL + Shift + Del > Safety > Delete browsing history

For Edge Browser Users

Open Edge Broswer >  Select 3-lined Hub button > Select history button > Select Clear History  > Select Show more > Select Cookies and Cached data and files > Select Clear Button

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