beef ban wont happen in Kerala #pomonemodi
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Beef and Porotta is more than food for Mallu. It's a part of their life. Porotta is like a National Food for Mallus. So whether it is Sachin Tendulkar, Mohanlal, or Beef, these are close to mallus heart. If those feelings get hurt by whether Maria Sharapova [#Who is Maria Sharapova], or British Airways [#NeveronBA], or Modi [#pomonemodi], all will be trolled like anything.

Beef and Porotta
Beef and Porotta

When a circular was issued by Central Government regarding Selling of Cow, Buffallow in the market, it leads to massive shock in beef eating states, especially Kerala, The Ministry of Environment and Forests issues the notification saying that animals can now only be sold to farmers. Kerala is famous for Beef Eating Hindus and mostly people eat buffalo meat only and in Muslim areas, they eat cow meet too.

The Kerala Government led by CPM mentioned that this move is fascist and anti-federal and need to be revoked at any cost. It is the freedom of the individual to decide what he wants to eat and we don't want the central government to dictate what one should eat. Mallus started making trolls against BJP and Modi and someway it leads to the trending tag of #PoMoneModi.

What #pomonemodi Means?

Lots of images pop out of people eating beef today in Facebook to protest against the beef ban and parties like KSU, DYFI are organizing beef festivals in Kerala. PO Mone Modi literally means Go, SON MODI but the contextual meaning is of GO BACK MODI.

PoMoneDinesha is a famous movie dialogue by Mohanlal, a famous actor in the Malayalam Film industry. The dialogue is in a super hit movie called "Narasimham". You can watch the dialogue here on time 1:33.

Other similar tags are  #pomonemodi #Beefban #beefunitesus. Some have already started groups called #pomonemodi.

As CPM and Congress party took this a huge campaign against the BJP and their policies, normal people are also protesting against this. There is a need to keep animal rights in one side and also not offend people as they are consuming more beef than ever before. It will amusing to see how these will turn out to be in the coming days. 

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