This post is to share details on Vertigo and how I dealt wih it. I will share my story on how I got it and what are measures I took to get out from it. Hope this will help others who have been suffering from this.


How to Deal with Head Spinning Experience, Vertigo Episode 1
I stay as paying guest and work more than 8 hours in computer and sits in chair in a bad position with very bad lighting in an AC room. I travel a total of 2 hours to and from hostel to workplace. I have been exercising for a month and I bought a 5 kg weight to lift. I started to lift the weight for 3 days in which, I have been doing overtime work and the fourth day it all started.

VERTIGO: Episode 1

I had episodes of vertigo one month back. It started suddenly. When I woke up, i couldn't open eyes and felt it was too sunny outside. I washed eyes and still could not open it as it was forcing me to shut it. I tried to walk but a feeling numbness in my head did not let me do that. I felt nauseated and puckish. I went to the washroom and the walls started to spin from one side to other and back again. I went back to the bed thinking what the hell is happening to me. I tried to check whether I am having that feeling again and it was happening. Walls started to spin, doors, windows and all other stuff in the room. I tried to shift my head to one side and suddenly my eyes started to roll from bottom to top uncontrollably. I freaked out literally. I could not stop it neither control it. I closed my eyes and still I could feel the revolving feeling in my head.

I put my head to right side and lied still. Slowly rotation stopped and things went back normally. But when i tried to wake up, it started again. I took a paracetamol and B complex tablet and slept for two more hours. After that I felt okay. I went to see a doctor and he diagnosed me with OBJECTIVE VERTIGO. and prescribed me Vertin 16 tablet, which is medication for Vertigo for three days. I started taking it and felt tired. The symptoms reduced and after 3 days it got disappeared. I was taking rest for those days sleeping most of the time.


1. Take plenty of rest better to sleep
2. Drinking water and take plenty of fluids.
3. Drink 2 to 3 glasses of water when you wake up. This will help in the digestion.
4. Try not to take food that makes gastric problems.
5. When you have the episode, try lying down to one side and lie still for some time. I am not sure how long does vertigo last generally but for me it was more than 1 hour.
6. Do Vertigo Treatment exercises especially rotating head to sides, top and bottom, and stretching like the following video. This helped a lot.

7. Avoid eye strain and use of computer, TV for so long.
8. Take the medicines correctly.
9. Use a good ointment and apply in neck, back of the head and massage for sometime.
10. Use hot towel for the neck and back, to increase blood flow to the head.
11. Apply coconut oil or other oils on head and massage it for a while. Then wash it away in cold water.

After this, I went back to normal work hours and it came back again after 4 days in a totally different way. I will share this in my next post. 

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