Its been almost an year since I have published a post. I felt little demotivated as I used play Dota 2 in free time instead of writing. Realizing that it does not bring happiness or satisfaction as writing, I came back. Yey...I have not thought much about what to write today. I will publish write up about what I heard, seen or experienced in Ahmadabad. This post came out of my frustration hence kindly mind the negativity around it.

I have been seeing lots of posts on Gujarat such as Swach Gujarat and developed Gujarat etc. When I lived in Kerala, ya! the God’s Own country, I thought maybe these claims are true. Because I have not seen Gujarat nor Google images gave me any other thought provoking pictures. I been staying in Gujarat for the last 1 year and working in villages such as Sanand, Bol, Anniyari etc.

Life in Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Truth and Hype
I could see how irrelevant these claims are and how worse is the condition of Gujarat in providing quality of life of individuals. Most of the children in villages are malnourished and need urgent attention, the condition of schools are very bad and most of them do not have gender segregated toilet and some do not even have one general toilet.

I went for recruitment in ITI’s in Surat, Rajkot etc. The poor condition of toilets, inadequacy of qualified teachers, lower educational standard of students etc. are common in these colleges.  Most Gujarati believe that they have business blood, so even though they cannot study well, they will do business and make money. I am not against the idea a of making money however if young people fail in their business, they will not have any backups to lean on. I have not seen people in Gujarat who are so selfless in nature yet (as per me) whom you meet every other day  in Kerala or Uttarakhand. As City life is gulping the villagers too, they are also rooted in the idea of making money.

Lifestyle and food is very costly in Ahmadabad. I stay in Vastrapur  which is a very posh area. I will give you an idea of the price of food here. One Chicken biriyani costs 250 Rs. Yea! Believe it or not. I can eat a chicken biriyani for 70 Rs in Kerala with better taste and better quality than of Gujarat.

About working culture: My bus comes in the morning 7:15 AM and I have to be in the bus stop 5 minutes before that. It takes me 45 minutes to reach the company. After a short breakfast (Don’t ask what it is), the work starts at 8:30 AM and Ends at 5:00 PM. The bus leaves the company at 5:30 PM. The bus used to leave at 5:00 PM when I joined the company. The increased the timing for 10 minutes after 3 months, 5 minutes more after 3 months, 10 minutes after 6 months and now it is 5: 30 PM. I usually reach the location around 6:30 PM with less traffic and if there is more traffic, it will extend to around 7 PM. More than that all Saturdays are working days, only 8 holidays for an year, 18 total leaves for the first year of probation. some people have to stay for over time where they will not get additional amount. Basically it’s a free service to the company.

My roommate is working in IT sector. He goes around 10 AM and comes back at 8 PM or so and do work till 2 PM. Others I am not sure when they are coming back. Hence no comments. They get 25K to 50K range salary. One guy I met work on Sundays and overtime also but gets a fixed salary. You may think that these things are normal everywhere in India. It may be. I am sharing what I have experienced and what I saw.

Accommodation: If you are looking for a single BHK, a 2 BHK, a 3 BHK in standard rate as per other cities, forget it. The owners gave the houses to brokers who are basically managers of the property. Usually they will ask one rent, one month advance and one brokerage. Some asks two months advance. The broker won’t even talk to you if you negotiate more and more. You may get unfurnished flats or if you are lucky semi furnished, under normal charge. Most urban citizens are money minded and selfish. One of my friend who is from Rajkot mentioned that money minded people stay in Ahmadabad only and they have a saying in Rajkot about people from Ahmadabad that they are not trustworthy.

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