When my father stopped speaking, for a moment it felt like my heart has also stopped. Frankly, I have never heard him speak like this outside the board meetings but it was completely different than that.
Ananya’s mother started to plead for she knew what Ananya wished. Eventually Ananya spoke and various other members of the family also agreed to her. Now after half an hour of discussion I started getting anxious and I could see uncle was getting confused himself. The final nail got hit when groom’s father came to the scene and advised uncle to stop this marriage. “Narendar I am your childhood friend and now business partner. I would have been more than happy if Anu beti would have come to our house but this alliance doesn’t have her happiness in it. She kept quite all this while only for our happiness now it’s time we do something for her. Your business is our responsibility now but our children should not become a pawn in this trade.”

All said and done Uncle gave Ananya’s hand in my hand and hugged me with a huge smile. We got welcomed into the family and the wedding got called off. Unlike DDLJ the groom did not gather his gunda friends to hit me and my dad rather he was happy that he did not have to marry so soon. After staying there for a day we came back to Bombay to have our own preparations. Within the next 5 months all the preparations got done. We had a big fat Indian wedding in Mumbai followed by a grand reception. The next week Ananya and I took off for Toronto.

Now 2 years down the line, we are happily married and well settled here in Canada. Dad and I still work together while balancing between family and company, He visits us often. Raj also got married and settled in Bangalore, he is now expecting a baby. Ananya dropped her PhD plan and joined our company instead. As for me, now I don’t dream of winning an Oscar, I found the biggest awards of my life, my dear wife-Ananya Tejas Kapur. 
“Hey, Ananya, can I ask you something?”
 “What”, she asked
“Why did you used to give me a disgusted look in college, before you knew me?”
“Oh, that was because it used to irritate me how my classmates used to drool over you! And instead of going behind those high-fi girls you used to give me this lustful look. Like you were an alcoholic and I was your favorite drink!”
“Haha! Then you should have heard what the other guys used to dream about you dear”…

Just Another Love Story: Short Story The end
Just Another Love Story: Short Story The end

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