After she left, it was like she took my life source with her and I became a living dead. I forgot how to smile. I hardly talked to anyone. I used to frantically work in the office. All my dreams died and like a machine i lived only to fulfill my father’s dream. When Dad came back after a few weeks, he noticed the changes in me, how I would hardly eat or sleep. I used to avoid talking to him whenever possible especially when he would bring up questions about Ananya. For all he knew he was not getting any information out of me, so he contacted Raj.

Raj had joined an MNC in Bangalore but he never lost contact with me. He was the only one who understood the severity of my depression. For two months his every attempt to revive me failed and then he did a last try. He came to Mumbai, met my dad and explained to him all that happened when he was gone and planned to do something about the situation. They got to know that Ananya was getting married in a week. Hearing this, I hardly reacted but they could detect the pain behind my eyes. Raj said, “what’s up with you man! Look at you; you have become a devdas in her love! C’mon! Let’s go! Let’s get her back to you tejas!” I tried to convince him that it’s not possible; she would never go against her father’s will. Hearing this he said “And what about you? You are going to be like this, for the rest of your life?” With a fake smile I tried to reassure them “I am fine! Nothing’s wrong with me.” I had given up all hopes by then but what dad said to me gave me a silver lining after so long.  

He said “Tejas, I know how you are feeling son. I lost your mom because I valued my work more than her and that is something I will never forgive myself for. It is difficult to live with guilt but it is impossible to live with regret. I don’t ever want you to feel how I feel every day when I wake up. I know what I ask of you is not easy but it is easier than what you would face if you don’t go now. I lost my wife, don’t lose yours.” Hearing all this I could not control myself and I hugged my father. It was the first time I cried in front of him in a very long time. Then what, we all packed our bags and went on to a very long journey to Gwalior. We didn’t know what would be the outcome, if I would be successful or not, all we knew that it was a fight for love and we had to give in our best.

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