I clearly remember that evening she came to my place. I just sent off my father to airport as he went to Canada that day for 3 weeks. I surprisingly went up to her and noticed that she was crying. Worriedly I touched her cheeks and asked “What happened?” I supportively placed both my hands on her shoulder and guided her to the sitting area.  I asked her again ‘why are you crying?”.
For a few seconds she tried to fight her tears and explained me how she got a phone call from her father asking her to come home. Her marriage was fixed with a family friend. Since she was an only child he needed an heir who knew the ropes of his handloom work. She explained that guy’s father was an old friend of Ananya’s father and this marriage meant that somebody would be there to support him and run his now failing business. I tried to console her that we can talk to him and mummy is on our side. She just kept on trying and told me that mummy would never go against uncle and he is adamant in his decision. That day I just hated being born in an Indian culture for first time. It was hard for me to believe how parents can force their children to marry someone out of their will in 21st century. Damn the Indian conservativeness!

The next month we did everything we could to convince her parents. Ananya tried to convince her parents how much we love each other and I will take care of her. She even talked her parents into meeting me once. I went to Gwalior and I tried my level best to convince them how important she is to me but nothing worked. He hated rich people from big cities. His sister once married a rich brat but their marriage led her to a terrible fate. He was adamant and with utmost respect he requested me to leave without a drama. Hearing all this, shook my world. On my way back, I did not realize when I started crying. How could I let her go! She was the love of my life! She was the sole reason I was ready to join my father’s company, so I could have a secure future for her!

That last I saw her was on her convocation ceremony. A month ago I was to propose her on this day and now she had to sneak away from her parents to meet me. It was our usual place at CCD. We both sat there for what seemed like a lifetime, and then finally Ananya said “I have to go! I have to go, Tejas! I have to obey my father!” I knew it was coming but I still couldn’t believe my ears, I said “but, I love you Ananya!” “I love you too tejas, but not more than my father! He will never agree and I cannot marry against his will. Please forgive me and forget me. Move on, you have a great future ahead. Go to Sydney and start a new life! No amount of words moved her that day, and she left Mumbai.

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