Next few days Raj did not come to college as he had gone to Pune for some family wedding. I knew those days would be hell of a torture and almost decided to ditch class myself but the thought of being able to see Ananya motivated me. I had an excuse of boredom with myself and Ananya was pleased to give me company. From then on our talks never ended. We ate lunch together and I dropped her to her PG and it almost became a routine.
Days passed into months and from friends we became lovers. Apart from the studies, whatever time we got, we used to spend with each other. From those small dates that we used to go to, I never realized when Ananya also fell for me. I remember Raj’s endless complaints about how I have changed, and how much fun we used to have together. Despite of his objections, I knew he was happy for me. I got more serious about my life and studies. After all when a girl enters your life, things automatically fall into place.

I took her to my place a few times and surprisingly dad liked her! His approval significantly improved our relationship. I really don’t know how she did it, but dad started spending more time at home and with me. I remember confessing her one night – “I never thought I would ever forgive dad for mom’s death. She would never have been that depressed if he was around. But now I feel like, I can finally begin, thanks to you.” She made me realize that he considers himself equally guilty and if I keep on hating him like that, I might end up losing him too.  My life became almost perfect and two years with her passed in a blur. I Joined Kapur industries after my graduation and to my surprise I actually liked working there. Every evening after work I used to spend with Ananya, talking, fighting and then making up with her. I understood that all the movies that I wanted to make were actually the things I wanted in my life and with her, I felt like I can achieve them.

It’s funny how relationships help one to grow. By the time I was 25 I had completely different plans for my life that I could ever imagine. Kapur industries were expanding its branch in Toronto and I was to appointed as its Managing Director. It was a month before Ananya’s graduation; I planned to propose her on her convocation. I loved her very much and I could not go to Toronto without her. I knew she wanted to do a PhD and so I already got brochures of a few universities in Canada. I had met her mother and thankfully she also liked me. Her father was a complication but I knew we will manage when the time came. Then one day she got a call from her parents and my life’s plan went for a ride.

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