All the preparations were going well, and then that day came; the day that changed my life forever, the day when I met Rajat for the last time. It was 12 pm; Aisha was out for shopping with her friends. I and dad took a week off from the office. We and mom were discussing about the wedding gifts that are to be given and unexpectedly Rajat entered the drawing room. For a second, I was thrilled to see him and then I saw those ferocious eyes. He was bustling with anger as he walked inside and halted in front of us.
Dad asked him in confusion what was wrong. He kept on staring at me with anger, and when I uttered ‘Rajat?’ he suddenly grabbed my collar, made me stand and punched my nose so hard that it started bleeding. This provoked me and I thrashed him in the gut without thinking anything. We started hitting and pushing each other. We were so mad at each other that none of us could hear the wails of mom or shouting of dad.  Just as I thought of smashing him on the glass coffee table, dad came to stand in between the two of us. Forming a barrier in between the both of us he asked what was wrong and why were we fighting? Rajat was the first to reply, he shouted at me ‘You fixed Aisha’s marriage without even informing me?’ I knew it was my ego that answered him "she is my sister, and I can fix her marriage as and when I please". I remember, his hand twitched to smack me again, but dad was holding on to both of us very firmly, so he chose to abuse me instead. This made me smile and I commented just to kindle him ‘why is it bothering you so much?’ To this he turned to dad and confessed him about his feelings for Aisha. To my astonishment, dad softly said to him that he should not have hidden this fact from us. I then informed dad about his denial regarding any feelings for Aisha when I asked him then.

The discussion went on for hours in the presence of all family members. Dad conveyed his views that if Aisha wished so, he could accept Rajat as his son-in-law. But Aisha denied. Rajat tried to convince her of his love and fidelity towards her but her arguments were stronger than his unfulfilled promises. She asked him that where was he these past 6 months; he was too busy in his work that he hardly had time for her. There were more claims, more pleads and lots of tears. I do not wish to get into the depth of this argument and scratch old wounds. Mom was angry with him for breaking her trust. Dad was angry with all four of us for not confiding in him. Rajat was angry with me and mom for luring Aisha to marry someone else. Dad was also angry at him for not fulfilling his responsibilities towards the company. I was angry at him for all the reasons and because somewhere deep inside I considered him responsible for Amma’s death too.  

He was wrathful at me because he considered me responsible for downgrading him in the family. He accused me of manipulating mom and Aisha; for not supporting him in the official matters and for loosing his father once again! We were all broken and shattered. We all had our share of accusations and questions, but no one had answers. This ended when Rajat left the house forever and dad got his resignation letter the next day. No one knew where he was or whether he was still alive. Both family and business were directly affected by this. But most of all I was affected by this. Rajat and I lost much more than others. He lost his only family, his only support-system. I lost my best friend, my brother and my half. I still miss him and think of him, on specific days I unbearably miss him. I had no Idea where he was until today when my phone rang.

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