Generally, in families those who have money has power and authority. There are people in the family who leave the power to them as they exert it more and more onto others. A kind of vicious cycle has been formed due to this process.

 These others are usually sisters, homemakers and the youngest as they are dependent upon the elder or the one who earn the money. They do adjustments and adaptations, by obeying to the supreme power, changing their own decisions and losing the dignity. They do this by thinking that it will help them to sustain their lives in a peaceful manner or to keep life at ease.

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However, it is very hard for them to recognize what they are doing. By obeying the person, by giving power to the person, they are giving a wrong message that we will obey you because you earn money for us. The message should not be like this. It can be like this, we are doing this because you are right in this context or situation. Usually the process of wrong messages happens which will result in the vicious cycle, which I have talked before.

Nothing can be undone if somebody lost his/her dignity. If you want to have respect in your family, go and earn something, which is higher than the supreme power in your family, and do spend the money in your family by giving significant contributions or objects that can be noticed by them or objects that are valuable to them. If you do not have money, I do not think that somebody will respect you or hear your words.

Sometimes you have to bend your spines a little bet, to make things easier. Nevertheless, my point is that you should be sure that you are bending your knees and it is for the greater good. If you do that you can do your work, you can use the other person and manipulate him/her.

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