I could not take this anymore, these daily arguments always left me frustrated and made me feel like I want to run away from this hell hole. Instinctively, i grabbed my car keys and took off to a quieter place. 
It was barely 11 but the streets were already deserted. I stopped near a park, switched on some music and had a few smokes. I was never a big fan of cigarettes but sometimes it helped me calm down. After half an hour i felt relaxed, so I drove across the street and took a short cut to go back home. Just then I heard a girl shouting at the corner. Two men were trying to steal her purse, I think. I drove closer to the dark street and saw that the girl was none other than Ananya! She was scared and was almost into tears. Immediately I stepped out of the car and intervened. After some feud they ran away. I offered Ananya a lift to her place and helped her get in the car. For minutes we drove silently, in the dim light I could see she was crying. I inquired if she was okay and then gave her some tissue.  I tried to console her and when I sensed that she was calmer, I introduced myself “By the way, I am Tejas. We are in same college.” After a short conversation we arrived at her PG and I bade her goodbye. Whole night I tossed and turned in my bed, but couldn’t sleep, I was just thinking about her.

Just Another Love Story: Short Story Part 3
Just Another Love Story: Short Story Part 3

Next day in college I automatically looked for her around the campus. I could not see her anywhere when Raj reminded me that we were late for our first lecture. Entire day I felt anxious for I really had to know if she was okay or not. I had almost given up hope of seeing her when she suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the canteen where I was sitting. I am sure my face just lit up like a Christmas tree then and Raj excused himself politely to give us some privacy. She joined me for lunch! If she was trying to express her gratitude for last night or if she genuinely liked me, I didn’t know. I just grabbed the opportunity to be friends with her.  I asked her if she was okay after last night’s incidence to which she said yes with a hint of blush. I knew I could just sit there and talk to her for hours when suddenly she got up panicked as she was late for her class. I was not ready to let her go just then so I walked her to her class. 
As I watched her go in, I wondered if I would ever get to talk to her like this again. By some miracle of god, I did!

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