She was sitting with her friends across a few tables from us. Hearing her giggle made me forgot why I was having a bad day. The little trinkets on her white dupatta were moving in synchronization with her laughter. Ananya khurana was junior to us but was one of the most sought after girls in the department.
Whenever I looked at her, I just could not think of anything else. She had this flawless face with the perfect skin-color and full lips that makes me wonder how often god makes mistake while making a decent face. Her intoxicating black eyes were like the bottle of finest wines and I was an alcoholic. Sorry about the absurd comparison, but technically speaking I was crazy about her. Not because of her beauty or charm or her incomparable intelligence but because there was something utterly attracting about her aura that is hard to put in words. Completely drowned in her thoughts I was gazing at her, when suddenly she looked towards me and my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t even blink while she was looking straight in my eyes, but she stopped smiling and turned the other way almost disgusted. I saw her friends noticing her gaze and suddenly they started looking at me in a lustful way. I ignored them (as I ignored the others) and kept looking at her. I had no doubt about the fact that she did not like me, but why? I am rich, handsome and considerably smart; almost every girl in the college wanted my attention, except her.  

Lost in my trail of thoughts I almost forgot that I was not un-accompanied, when suddenly raj whispered “Mr. Romeo, will you keep on admiring your Juliet or would you care to eat something?”  Instinctively I looked down at the table and saw two sandwiches kept on a plate. “When did you get these?” I surprisingly asked. “When you were ogling at her” he said glancing towards Ananya’s table. I ignored him and turned around to see Ananya, but she was gone and her table was empty. This made me lose my appetite but I ate anyway to save the argument with Raj.

The rest of the classes passed in a blur then as per routine, I dropped raj at his place before going back home. The scenario at the dinner table was nothing unusual. Dad came late only to inquired about my studies and remind me that I must excel in my college, blah blah. How he plans me to intern with him before joining the company officially. I told him a millionth time that I am least interested in running his business and the conversation ended with a twenty minutes lecture on how I have become irresponsible after mom passed away 4 years ago.

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