Visits were conducted to nearby villages in Sanand such Goraj, Bhangdi, etc. A place called Srinagar was visited and a discussion was conducted with villagers. It was hard to find Hindi speaking person however luckily Anil Jayarawal came to the rescue. He is 16 years old and working in a company in the vendor park of Tata Motors. He studied up to 10th standard in CK high school, Sanand and can speak good Hindi.

There were 4 women for discussion and major issues came out from the discussion. Two of them have studied up to 8th standard and others have not gone to school. It was mentioned that girls are send to school till 8th standard and after that they get married off. There are no girls in that cluster who have gone to study in 9th standard. The age of girls to get married is 18 and for boys it is 19 or 20.

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Srinagar cluster

There are about 100 houses in Srinagar cluster and most of them were pacca houses.  Majority of the families are BPL and have ration card and Aadhar card.  The ration shop is 2 Km away and in monsoon time, it is hard to go to ration shop. There was huge dearth of water and they had to wait for water tanker to come.

There were no toilets in that cluster and they said that the Sarpanch have taken estimate to build toilets but no actions are made yet. They said they wanted to build toilets but have no money to do so. The women mentioned that they had to wake up very early for this and in monsoon season, it gets very difficult to go.

Issues in Governance

The Anganwadi opens at 9 AM and closes at 2 PM. However when I was there, even though it was a working day, Anganwadi was closed.

There are no private or government doctors in that cluster and no medical shop. They had to travel to Sanand which is 11 KM far from the cluster to see a doctor. The patients had to walk about 2 KM to the main road and then take auto from there. A round trip will cost around 50 rupees. Major diseases villagers are having are fever, throat issues, etc. Tobacco use is rampant among men and women.

Visit to Goraj Grama Panchayat gave another insight about the existing panchayath system in the village. I reached thereby 10 AM and found the panchayath office was closed. A discussion was conducted two villagers about the current situation. They mentioned that the Panchayath office never opens and people usually go to the house of the Sarpanch to say things.

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There is a strong need for a social audit and to find out such gaps in the system. People participation is essential in order to bring these kinds of issues to the main stream and bring more accountability and transparency. The media never brings such governance issues to the main stream and kept on projecting the blurred news that middle class and upper class people. More parallel socially responsible media needs to be developed and promoted. How far one can go watching news that popular media decides and attach an agenda. Civil society needs to be cautioned about these practices and strong actions needs to be taken to eradicate them.

The quote says it all: If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara desert, in 5 years there would be a shortage of sand.
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