I do not have to explain what happened in JNU or what is happening now. I thought about searching you tube and make a compendium of original videos. Media called JNU incident as NJU row and parties called it as anti national. Many doctored videos were published and submitted under forensic department. However each one of those videos were doctored ones. One major realization happened among people is that media is not neutral. Paid media exists. There is a need to bring back neutrality in the media. In India, there is an up-rise of  many new parallel medias that seek truth and spread truth. Newslaundry is an example of this. This post is an attempt to collect original Speeches, Interviews and Other Videos.

Update: Kanhaiya Kumar speaks at India Today Conclave 2016 along with others

I will try to put as per timeline.

JNUSU president Kanhiya Kumar speech - Published on Feb 11, 2016

Full Video of Kanhaiya Kumar's Deposition Before a Supreme Court-Appointed Panel.

Kanhaiya Kumar Latest at JNU 3rd march 2016 

Umar Khalid returns to JNU's Freedom Square - Full Speech -18 March 2016

Anirban returns to JNU's Freedom Square - Full Speech -18 March 2016


Barkha Dutt Interview with Kanhaiya Kumar JNU 4th March (FULL) 2016

Rajdeep Sardesai Interview with Kanhaiya Kumar 4th march (FULL) 2016

Abhinandan Sekhri talks to Kanhaiya Kumar - Published on Mar 9, 2016

JNU Kanhaiya Kumar Interview with Ravish Kumar (FULL) 2016- Published on Mar 4, 2016

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