Well, I have not thought about it much.

May be because I have not worked anywhere properly. I want to work independently and not under anybody. This I am pretty sure. Once I start working independently I will be okay. I guess..lol
There has not been much of a progress that happened to me? Or is it.

What do You Want From a Work Place - Random Thoughts of an Employee
What do You Want From a Work Place - Random Thoughts of an Employee

Coming to office…Doing same work…Typing…Ok sir ok

Now things have changed completely. What internal happened has changed to external? And now I really feel like an external person. I don’t give a shit about Tata Motors or the messing people who do crap here. I understood one thing, things should be formal, I meant very formal. People do remember the faults I have done than good things. I think this is what corporate means being an employee/ discipline/ no freedom to do whatever I want/ formal communication.

No one can do anything about this. Just keep doing shit for 5 days and enjoy two other days.

I feel like writing. Two days back also, I wanted to write. However I was in an auto with some of my friends, hence I could not type. Then I lost the mood to write. What happened here? Let me just analyze the situation.

1. I took two days of leave and did not pick up phone
2. I am going to Mumbai for training purposes
3. I am talking about discrimination to X
4. X talking about discrimination to Y
5. Y calling me and I am exaggerating the discrimination
6. Nothing happened
7. A is not talking to me
8. B sir not normal 
9. C coming and discussing things and settling things
10. A is ok
11. C going back and messing things up
12. Y calling me and firing
13. Me sending apologies to people. Lol

There is nothing here which I can do now. As far as this goes. It would be better to be like this. Nobody asks anything and do anything. Maybe the next 1 and half year goes like this. 4 days chutti and 2 days work.

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