Everybody wants a life that is happy and satisfactory
However, it is very hard to find it also
Its like we never gone meet that life

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It’s nobody’s mistake
It’s defined to be like that
Nobody can claim that i
It would be like that
It’s us who define what it to be like that
Clear the mind
May be you need to have two pegs of life
Or one cigarette smoke
Which defined you in your life

But life is more that
Think again before you take it
It clears your mind
Bit not your life
And life is so beautiful
May be your passion is different in your life
But need so much of time to recognize that
However you have still time

To find and pursue it
Take all your time and move on in life
Things are not expected
Everything is just experience
Just take it like that
That’s the only way for escaping it
Everything will come
Even if you like it or not
Just be a visionary
And feel the rhythm in your life
May be its not enough for you
Then find what enough for you is
Write like this

Everything so different
Just take a deep breath
And smell it
Things are unstoppable
It will come and you will react to it
And that’s life
Life is absurd and like Sartre put it
However the absurdness gives the life meaning
The absurdness is that the meaning
And it will take to find it

Cigarette won’t help
Drinks won’t help
The only thing that help you
If you can’t find it
Then you lost your life
May be what I am writing
Is absurd
And it’s not our fault
People will try to change it
People need their own mechanism to deal with life
If you want them, try to understand how they feel
And let things go

Understand the flow
It will come to you
Nothing is going to change
Unless you tried it
May be its me who needed a change
May be I can’t deal with the life
That’s May the reason
I am writing all the bullshit
However at least I am writing it
To know you
To know you’re self
It’s hard to determine who feels what and what defined you or me
Just things that keeps us going
My past my life that all are there which you can just look
And feel that there are no things that do not have a connection
Let it be like that
Nobody cares
Only you and you and yourself

Just know that
Feel it
Try to normalize everything
Life plays a different part in you
However let it like that
The tranquility may follow
You and me or us
Our paths are different
Things let part of it
What is this it?
That I don’t know

However thing are looking like they are right
And they won’t
Because we are the people who defines what is right and what is wrong
I am writing in this on my laptop
If I write this on a paper that things may change
However I feel that something needs to change
That gives you feelings
The balance of life
Need some time off
To think and responds
To life
The personalities an d the self

Everything needed a break
And this is it
Hope it will be like that
I don’t know what to say more than this
It feels like hell
Or heaven which I am not sure
But these are just dialogues between you and me
And the world
I am the only person who feels all this
Other are sleeping, studying

And I can write for only my experience
Things are right
It’s our responsibility to make it right
Of whatever we thing is right
Just let it be
Be it
Be it
  Bet it you and me
Are just things entities in life?
Nobody cares only you and me
This creates a feeling me
May be I love you
So much that you won’t know
And this is life
Just life
You will not know my dear
That is life
Still you may feel that I don’t love you
Because even I am in this
And I don’t know whether this is love
Or not
Just to make sure that
I have an idea
I am hurt so much and that the only thing
One can make to move me and you are the only person who tried to do that
Bakke sub people who care for me
Who do things to make sure I am not hurt
That is why I love you.
The only reason

I am getting hurt
Which keeps me going?
Making me love you
I don’t need people but
People need me
They are the only things that keep me going
Things are not right
However it is our duty to fix it

The only thing feels right now
Is good
I don’t know how to express it however you may not understand
And nobody will be
And that is the beauty of it
The real beauty
The ugliness it has eve beauty

My dear.
May be this real reason in my life
Also I like to go apart from you
Feel the life
And come back to you
And feel your love and get hurt
Again going out and coming back
Because life is not only happiness
But also sadness, desperations
I need tome to discover myself
It will take time

And time is the only thing
That makes me going
Need so much time
To know my heart and my feeling
Because I am not matured enough
Or not at all matured
Need time
Life is the only that keeps me going

I never understood this this is the thing
Everybody was trying to say
Even Steve job
The unreasonable books
How awesome superb
However what I lack is perseverance
Sometimes I think that what all this hit is about
AND just leave it
That’s the only problem I have
I can start everything
But never tried to do anything that is sustainable
Oh my god
I like that feeling
I can do something to make people lives well
But I didn’t do anything
Man, just do it
Oh crap
This feeling is just killing me
I feel so
I can’t control this
Oh yard oh god
Just take me
Oh I can do something
Do something I like and I will passion?
Oh yard’
Give me motivation to do something’
They are just people who did a lot for nothing
They just what they did liked
And they found their passion
You can also do something you like and find your passion
Just do it

What the all chilling is about
Just go there
World is out there
Do something about it
You will fail
But yes, it will teach you something
Go for it
Just don’t stay still
There are so many people outside who need motivation who need channelizing however you found this passion
And what are you doing?
Do it
Just tell others what you feel
What you want to do
They will help, you
You know how to handle them
But what you have to do is to get out of your comfort zone
And do it

Keep looking
Don’t settle
Do what you like!!!

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