These are three poems pondering on Memories, Modern life and Art and Life. It was written few months back. Just thought to publish it. 

1. Memories never vanishes

memories never vanishes is a poem that remembers the past life of the LIFE.

The last words

They are roots, of this beautiful shore.

WE ran together keeping,

mind wide open and our hands narrow.

The wind couldn't move,

couldn't find a gap in between,

our hands, so close...

Our hands felt the coldness,

sweats of love.

WE slept together, woke up together.

Felt as one as whole.


the fate tell us to go away.

My pain doesn't tell me why i am having this.

love- Like a hemlock that makes life to memories.

Can i even write you love letter-my last words,

before you leave?.

I clearly remember the first day

when we met like

sun and the sun flower,

like moon and the lotus.
3 Poems on Sublimation Memories, Modern life, Art and Life
3 Poems on Sublimation Memories, Modern life, Art and Life

2. Are you somebody?

Are you somebody? is a poem that lit the mind of people in the busy world.

Are you in a hurry?


to tell what was happening.

Somebody don’t know what he should do.

Somebody was in a very good confusion.

Somebody did try to comment

but people were busy.

What to do in this life than to just do?

Should somebody praise the people?

Then they will say,

"Oh, somebody is good at praising,

Beware of him, he need us to do something for him”.

Should somebody say the truth?

People will make him curry.

And people will say:

"Beware of somebody, he is nuts”.

Should somebody say bad what he feel

may it feel like slurry?

Then people will say,

‘rubbish, Beware of him”.

So this is how life is defined by people.

They are in a delusion

But still argues about eternal, infinite glory,

even if they are waiting to death.

The how somebody can make,

great revolution like Che, Mahatma Gandhi and George Washington

Oh..Are you the somebody?

3. Art and Life: the two imitations of nature

We all are artists in one way or another. Sometimes we use to think we are nobody. This poem depicts the inner sanctum of all artists and the what is life.

A mouthful of LIFE

Life is a tea. In this poem the author try to give meaning to the life.

The artist sees life as an entity

Life in a cup of tea

The same question and different answers.

I think that everyone of us may thought about death in their life. May be it is because of their situations. So to know about death you need to know about life. Let me tell my point of life for you.

Life is like what?

The same question and different answers.

I prefer - "like having a tea"

Well, how to drink one- got any taste?

Sit by the window,

lift the cup

see the hot wind whirling,

take a careless sip.

lick lips

suddenly you want to add sugar but,

too lazy to go for it,

somehow managed with that,

sugarless cup.

On finishing you discover

undissolved sugar crystals

settled in the bottom,

reflecting white rays on its edjes

and glittering as it is,

you enjoy the last slip

very carefully with a feeling of tranquility

That's how life is...


We all are artists

in one way or another,

great people who can

create amazing ideas

great husbands and wives who can

lead a life happily ever after,

great men and women who help

and show empathy for our brothers and sisters..

Art is not limited

not to particular religion,

caste, creed, decree, topics, ideas, concepts.

It is everywhere between us to nature.

See the caves paintings by our great ancestors

who enjoyed the lap of nature.

So that "Art is an imitation of nature".

The green meadows, the greenery, valleys, trees

which welcomes you

rain, sun, rays of light, nurtured fields...

So friends if you happened to think that

you are a loser

go and get inspiration from nature,

Live with all the heart..

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