1. Lonely Walkers in the Beautiful Earth

we all are lonely walkers in this planet. So here i am sharing some thoughts about this Earth...

Such a miracle!!!!

Such a miracle!!!!

As i was walking

on the shore of the sea,

As i was walking

on the shore of the sea

a blue light , which is so small,

made me very scary.

unbelievable, unimaginable.

I thought of life

expecting to die...

the two paths where i will go.

May be this..... was the day

where miracles takes place

but i am in doubt,

what shall i do?

Nobody was there to help me

nobody was there to see such a miracle.

A great miracle


knew the day

was there

not now..

i prayed and cursed my life.

no hope, no dreams..

still not sure what gonna happen next.

Saw the spreading rays,

time passed, centuries broken down

days are gone, trees are cut down. wars came and went,

people were died and born again..

but still it is there to atract me..

the blue light- a great miracle.....

Lonely Walkers in the Beautiful Earth
Credit: manofdepravity.com

2. Lovely flower in My Lonely Garden

I was astonished to see such a flower...then i thought like that flower some of us are very lonely waiting to be discovered. So this poem is for us


you are the lovely flower,

in my lonely garden.

even the moon don't forget to lower,

its rays on you.

yet you remember,

to smile at me in all days.

You are always on my side,

feeling just as same as me.

When you smile at me,

i see your petals,

looking at me with an easiness of life.

The way Nature makes you laugh,

makes me hurry to join with you,

feel your presence, feel your rhythm,

and ultimately feel your rhythm

oh, dear, prayer,

is the only thing which i can give you.

I am an oldman poor,

cannot travel far from you.

Anyway i don't want anybody to stare

at my beautiful flower-you,

my dear Rafflesia.

Lovely flower in My Lonely Garden
Credit: www.rafflesiaflower.com

True reflection

The poem depicts a story of a girl who started to feel the reflection of herself in her boyfriend or lover and the reply...

I was seeing me in him.

I met someone yesterday

Thought he is my special one

Looked into his eyes and

felt the love,

which touched my heart.

Then i started to dream today

it was too perfect

and that's why it began to fall

Tomorrow when the sun sets

my special someone will lost in the streets.

They are my memories which have no lights

Pretty sure that the love i seen in his eyes

was not a lie

so waited for him, cried for him

well, it was a long time ago

now i know that what i saw in his eyes

was just the reflection of my eyes

I was seeing me in him.

By Renu
True reflection
Credit: www.communitypublishing.org

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