There have been media reports around the globe that titled as "Paris Attacks: ISIS Claims Responsibility, France Vows 'Merciless' Response". French President Francois Hollande vowed that the French Government will fight back mercilessly against ISIS. He declared a State of Emergency and deployed more than thousand troops for border protection as well as the places where explosion took place. He also mentioned that the ISIS is arranging "cowardly" attacks and these are "act of war committed by a terrorist army".

The reports of media came like these,

"This time it's war" - Le Parisien newspaper
"War in the middle of Paris" - Le Figaro

The front pages from across France #Paris
The front pages from across France #Paris. Credit:

The ISIS already warned French Government for their fights against ISIS in Syria. This can be considered as a lesson from ISIS to threaten the French government and show the world that they are more powerful that anyone can imagine. Unless how can they orchestrate such an organised attack in the middle of Paris.

"Sylvain, a 38-year-old concert-goer said, "There were shots everywhere, in waves. I lay down on the floor. I saw at least two shooters, but I heard others talk. They cried, 'It's Hollande's fault.' I heard one of the shooters shout, 'Allahu Akbar' ['God is greatest']," he said, speaking on condition that his full name not be used out of concern for his safety." - Credit:

The assailants clearly said that 'it’s Hollande's fault.’ Is this attack can be considered as just a warning sign from ISIS or a lesson to French Government that they should not involve in Syria.

President Barack Obama said the violence was an attack on "all of humanity” and the Secretary of Defence Ash Carter said it as an "assault on our common human dignity." Credit:
French President Francois Hollande said that "We will work alongside our allies to fight this terrorist menace,". He may have included US in to the allies list.

ISIS is a recently emerged extremist militant group. However in few years they started controlling most of the parts in Syria as well as Iraq. People from Western countries started joining ISIS because of their Social Media campaigns. How they gained that much of power and influence? Which are the countries that help them to grow?

Read on:

Yes, ISIS poses a threat to all the countries and need to be destroyed. However is it just about one 9/11 or 14/11? Isn't also involves millions of people's lives in Syria and other countries? No such harsh statements were said by any leaders when thousands of people got killed in Pakistan, Syria, and Iraq etc. Everywhere whether is it in France or Africa or Pakistan, innocent lives are getting murdered and justice should be brought in.

I am not sure the status of Muslims in Paris now. They should be protected and peace should be ensured.

War is not an answer but a mere reaction. And fingers crossed..

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