Religion and Gender in an Islamic Perspective is a topic with great interest. Religion always had tried to discriminate on the basis of gender universally. Subtle expressions and differences in the religious practices  like covering hair when women goes to churches etc may be a mark of gender discrimination.
An Interaction with Dr. Amina Wadud, scholar of Islam, co-founder of the group Sisters in Islam and world known writer  happened in Calicut, Kerala. Dr. Amina gave her perspectives on religion and gender through feminism and Islam.

                                The interaction helped to get introduced to the authority in the field of religion. The deep rooted ideas, biases, judgments about religion and gender was discovered in the session. It was a new experience for me that I realized the fact that I was so unaware about the influence of religion and gender in my life.  I realized that how subtle these factors are playing inside me and influencing me in each and every action I take. She also talked about the recent atrocities in the world done in the name of religion and showed her deep sorrow and regret for those activities. She was not at all compromising on violence.The addition of philosophical thoughts added colors to my thoughts. The role of religion and gender in the arena of mental health was discussed in the class. These variables have a significant effect on the counselor as well as the client, thus influencing the sessions to a great extent.

                          It was a great opportunity to hear from the authority in the field of religion and gender and it was for the first time that I hear from an Islamic feminist about religion and gender. The gentleness of Dr. Amina Wadud, her style of presentation, and the knowledge she has, the manner of clearing of doubts; all was very impressive.  The discussion opened the eyes to understand the potentials of human beings, the power we have, the manipulation of ideas done for the sake of a limited section of the society etc. The revolutionary thought brought by Dr. Amina were thought provoking. The discussion gave the variety of ideas about religion that people have in their minds.


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