I was thinking about conducting a Health and Hygiene survey among adolescents of the Spring Buds Education Institute. The Health and Hygiene survey was necessary as it will address major areas of issues of adolescents. I suggested this idea by observing the lack of cleanliness in the streets and road. There are no waste bins hence all the garbage is thrown out in the roads and street dogs’ create another mess in it. The canal system was broken where garbage was everywhere. Due to this, water flow was blocked. The smell of dog’s excreta will make a person vomit.

I was wondering how a student can live in this milieu and study and how far one student can keep up their cleanliness in this environment.  To address such issue health and hygiene was one of the options suggested by I. The next step was to discuss with the field work supervisor and get permission.

I talked to the field work supervisor about conducting the Health and Hygiene survey among adolescents and explained to him the background of this study. He supported the idea of Is but said that the school timings and schedules should not be affected. Is were also backed up by some of the teachers. The field work supervisor asked Is to confirm the areas which are need to be considered while developing the Health and Hygiene scale. He also wanted a copy of the scale which I will develop. 

The field work supervisor mentioned that compared to other parts of the India, Kashmir is one of the most vulnerable area for adolescents whom are facing so many psycho social problems. Hence most of the problems go unnoticed. So Is should be careful to explore such problems and give help accordingly. I was open to new perspectives from the field work supervisor. After the discussion I understood the perspective of the supervisor and decided to include that too.

Supervisor advised us to take 40 or above students as sample. The sample size was considered to be forty as it is feasible enough for conducting the program without affecting school schedules. The selected the students were mainly from class ten since they were free mostly. I learned how to organize a survey. 

I discussed with the co-trainees and decided the areas which need to be considered for the scale. 

They are,

Awareness Of Basic Health And Hygiene Practices
Self Esteem
Substance Addiction & Misuse Of Technology
Interpersonal Problems
Family Environment
Satisfaction With Academic Environment which includes teacher ’s involvement  with the student and satisfaction with academic achievement

 Severe glitches were identified with Interpersonal Relationship of adolescents. Most of the difficulties comes with a poor management of stress. So Is had given a class regarding stress management for students in overcoming educational challenges focusing on: Understanding the burden of education and how to overcome it, Stress management, Counseling and intervention. The lesson was also given dealing with various issues like when to approach a counselor? Who are counselors? Etc. Is took topics from mental health field for students such as Positive mental health training and awareness, Psycho-education on Alcoholism awareness, Smoking etc. 

As is well understood that awareness generation is an abstract activity and the results cannot be presented in a tangible form. However, we have found many adolescents during and after the class who are now constantly in touch with us and they are committed to do repeat these classes every house or school in their areas. The class was found to be effective.

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