If I say to you, I am a person who feels lonely, an individual who feels lost, amidst the crowd of thousands; you won’t be surprised, because I am a Delhiite.
It’s normal for a person to live in such a huge city and feel a little depressed. In a city like Delhi, if you have money, you don’t have time to waste it; if you have time, you are most probably wasting it on-or-after money. Everybody is an athlete in this rat race, and so am I. So, what – ‘you have the life, that a million girls, would kill for’, they all say! But, I don’t think so. Sometimes I feel like, I have not started living at all. You know, what’s worse than being born in a metro-city? It is to be born in a privileged family in a metro-city. Then, you can’t be a common individual, with normal desires and challenges, then, you are a person who carries a family label; a somebody who is known by his surname. You are no better than a free bird in a huge diamond-studded platinum cage. The saddest part is, that over years you become one-of-them, you lose everything that was unique about your ‘self’ rather you are happy being a flight-less bird.

Thoughts of a Single Unmarried Metropolitan Girl from Delhi, India
Thoughts of a Single Unmarried Metropolitan Girl from Delhi, India

Sometimes it feels like, I am nothing but another mannequin on this show-room display of a fake society. Rather being treated as a ‘person’, I am supposed to be no-more than a robot that has to act-talk-walk-look like the rest of the pre-programmed robots. A life of a Delhi bourgeoisie is as fabricated as Delhi itself. From a distance, the radiance and the glamour is like a heaven-on-earth but the closer you look the blinding the lights get. Amusingly, as if a Delhi girl is like an entertaining joker in this circus; you are expected to look pleasant, but plastic behind that tons of expensive make-up, that hides not just her marks but also her personality.

Yes, I undeniably agree that being a rich metro girl has its own benefits. The daily hassles that an aam-aadmi has to go through, comes easy on her. She doesn’t have to worry about roti, kapda, makaan or dukaan. She doesn't have to travel in crowded buses or metros. She doesn’t have to deal with eve-teasers. But I wonder, is it fair to her? Is it justifiable that she has to struggle for her freedom? For her basic right to live her life the way she desires? Is it apt for anybody to live their life on somebody else’s terms only because they are advantaged in other things? And is it fair, that other people treat her as a selfish spoiled-brat? I don’t think it’s a proper way to maintain the nature’s balance. I don’t think it’s passable to have the life taken out of one’s style and still be expected to quiet and accepting. So, if I am expected to live like a rich pet, then I am a Delhiite Bitch and I am proud of that!

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